Pantheon Culture

The way we work at Pantheon UK is guided by a distinct set of highly valued habits. These values represent the way we do business and are a crucial part of how we operate. Together, they make up our constitution for how we approach business, and how we treat each other and our clients.

Our Culture is not just a list values and words on paper. They are well thought out actions that represent who we are and what we do for our clients. The way we work at Pantheon UK is guided by a distinct set of highly valued behaviour’s. These values represent the way we do business and are a crucial part of how we operate. Together, they make up our constitution for how we approach business, and how we treat each other and our clients.


• we do what is right, not what is easy; and work on what is vital, not easiest.

• We decide what is best in the long term, not what is easiest.

• We deal with an issue now, rather than put it off.

• If we say we are going to do something, we do it. If we do something, we do it well.

• Our actions and words match.

• We consistently example integrity and our behaviours we value.


• We exist to serve and support our clients

• They are the soul of our business.

• We service and support our clients by exhibiting professionalism, acquiring profitable customers, providing consistent customer acquisitions, accurate and timely reporting and billing, flexibility in our operations and through great customer service.

• Our example of excellence and attention to detail will elevate their own standards, and we are responsible for setting the bar high.

• Only through collaboration will we become a great company.

• Many minds are better than one. Solutions, processes and systems are best developed in a productive environment..

• We respect each other, and yet we’re comfortable to disagree with each other.

• Our responsibility is to voice our opinions and ideas, although they may not be popular. We should strive to come up with the best ideas, and make sure we do not go down a path led by the loudest person.

• We are accountable for the tasks we commit to complete, so we do not let each other down.

• We realize that in working together, we get the right things done more efficiently. Respect and Get Every Brain in the Game

• We recognize each of us has unique skills, talents and perspectives that contribute to our success.

• We value and appreciate each others contribution and thought to improve their personal development.

• In all interactions, we first seek to understand the other person’s perspective and are open-minded to their suggestions and input.

• Every person will be treated with dignity and respect.

Communication and Candid Discussions

• We understand that without open communication and candid, constant feedback; we cannot improve as people or as a business.

• It is our responsibility to cultivate an environment where openness and truth are encouraged and rewarded.

• We do not respond angrily or defensively when people disagree, bring up issues or find fault.

• We have the courage to voice our opinions, even if we perceive another person to be a stronger or more dominant.

• We feel comfortable to disagree with anyone, analyse pros and cons, listen open-mindedly to others’ ideas, encourage ideas from all levels and ask the how and what questions.

• We are not afraid to speak our mind, or express ideas – even if we say something “stupid.”

• We keep thinking of better ways to improve every aspect of the business. WE need to listen to ideas without immediately saying “no.” When brainstorming, we listen to all ideas and write them down before discussing any of them.


• We set our selves goals, make plans to accomplish these goals, execute these plans, follow up and give recognition for timely accomplishments, are accountable for our performance and brainstorm how to better achieve these goals.

• We organize and structure our business, projects and tasks around the results we need to achieve. We evaluate our progress regularly.

• If we are not producing results, we are open-minded enough to look at alternate solutions.

• We will not be tied to ideas, projects or tasks because we thought of them.

• We will be measured based on results.

• We reward and recognize people who are proactive and who make themselves responsible for deadlines, results and finding the root of problems.

Direct sales and marketing

To be cutting-edge in today’s markets you have to be a visionary. Now with the increase in outsourced customer acquisitions throughout the UK and Europe, means at some time in your recent past you would have purchased some goods or services through customer acquisitions techniques.

In the last 3 years Pantheon UK has provided more and more people with the opportunity to run their own business in the customer acquisitions industry. Year after year, the industry continues to boast positive growth across a wide range of industries – making it one of the most recession-resistant industries around.

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