Pantheon UK Announce Invitation To Exclusive Industry Event In Sunny Tenerife

Excitement runs high at London based marketing firm Pantheon UK, as they have been invited to join other industry greats and big names in the direct marketing field in Tenerife for a weekend of learning, rest and some sunshine. After a year of hard work and tremendous dedication, managing director Boyd Parker of Pantheon UK, will be making the most of his short getaway and spend plenty of time relaxing and blowing off some steam with industry greats. At Pantheon UK they ensure that hard work is always recognised and rewarded generously, it has been said that this is what makes them such a fantastic firm to work with.

The trip has been organised by the UK’s leading mentors and consultants in the direct marketing sector and offers the attendees the opportunity to take a mini vacation from the fast-paced outsourced sales and marketing environment and spend some quality time refocusing and enjoying themselves in the sun. Managing director Boyd Parker believes that when it comes to exclusive industry events, it is crucial to involve those key players who have made a significant addition to Pantheon’s growth and progress over the year. Boyd invited his top performers to join the trip and by doing so, upon return their focus, motivation and determination will continue to peak, giving them the enthusiasm and refreshed mindset to return to Chelmsford and continue to succeed to great lengths. “These guys who I am taking on the trip will now be the example throughout the office, they will show the rest of the crew, just what is possible if they work extra hard and achieve high results. There is a new standard amongst Pantheon UK” explains Boyd.

The Group will be accommodating in the number one venue in Tenerife, the Gran Melia Resort, Mr. Parker and his group will dine alongside a handful of the UK’s most successful direct marketing business owners and professionals, including public figures and professional speakers. This will offer Boyd Parker a valuable opportunity to build sound relationships with like-minded, ambitious individuals who he has not yet spent massive amounts of time with, within the work environment. “This trip will be a fantastic opportunity to get some relaxation time with business partners, but also spend several hours networking, asking questions and sharing valuable knowledge between other industry examples” he says. “As well, this will be a treasured experience, as we will be able to get around new people outside of our London office, network with other young minded entrepreneurs, and expose ourselves to the right examples and important and successful people in our industry” explains Boyd Parker.

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