Pantheon UK Discusses The Importance of Having a Company LinkedIn Page

Pantheon UK Discusses The Importance of Having a Company LinkedIn Page

Pantheon UK believes that in a time where everything is fast-paced and convenient, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for companies. We know that individuals use LinkedIn and are told to build their networks, as well as profiles. However, it’s equally as important for companies and businesses to establish a strong LinkedIn page. “Not only does LinkedIn help make new connections, build leads, and form a brand, but it’s a game changer for businesses in our field,” says Nikesh Patel, Managing Director of Pantheon UK.

Forbes mentions “According to the Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing report, LinkedIn is the third most commonly used social network for business owners. With 62% of business owners reporting that they use the platform, and an additional 22% saying they intend to use it in the next year, the use of LinkedIn as a valuable business tool shows no signs of slowing down.” With these statistics in mind, it will show how valuable it could be for a company to establish their own page and build it.

There are many benefits of having a company LinkedIn page. Some very straightforward ones are: showcasing your company, measuring the effectiveness of your posts/updates, expand by getting mentioned by someone else, and promote important news. Your company page is automatically public and anything you share on there appears to everyone/followers. “It’s clear that you will have to do work and build your page, but the results are exceptionally satisfying, they are sure to get your company out there and noticed,” says Nikesh Patel of Pantheon UK.

Forbes also mentions that LinkedIn might just be the most effective platform for future generations. “2012 research by Hubspot found that LinkedIn referral traffic had the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate among social networking sites; higher even than Facebook or Twitter. They found that LinkedIn had average conversion rates of 2.74%, compared to Facebook’s .77% and Twitter’s .69.” This just shows the numerous amount of individuals trying to utilize LinkedIn professionally.  Pantheon UK believes that making new connections get you new clients, employees, and share your company’s vibe through LinkedIn. This valuable marketing strategy has definitely helped our company, we hope this helps you too.

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