Pantheon UK Look At The Transferable Traits In Sports And Business

Pantheon UK Look At The Transferable Traits In Sports And Business

In light of the buzz around the 2017 Australian Open Tennis Championships, managing director Nikesh Patel shares with us why he recruits sportsmen, and sports minded individuals to join his elite team of direct marketing superstars at London-Based marketing firm Pantheon UK.

Much like sportsmen and women, salesmen are competitive, driven and a part of a strong team, “As salesmen, we train continuously, and we run training sessions every morning where we practice our pitches and warm up before heading out to the field. Just the same as an olympic gymnast would before performing”, explains Nikesh Patel. Being a part of a driven and competitive team, the guys at Pantheon UK build, help and encourage one another, as well as embrace a bit of friendly competition, to hit company targets and goals.

Sports minded people understand why they have to develop their skills and repeat the same actions over and over to increase their performance and become stronger, much like a weightlifter who goes through the process of lifting 50kg to 150kg. “Sports minded people have a mindset that makes them push limits which are what is needed to obtain the desired results in our industry. Having a competitive streak helps you push the boundaries of what’s possible and helps you give the best account of yourself”, says Nikesh.

Bespoke marketing is another way to gain a competitive edge. Pantheon UK creates innovative and exciting marketing campaigns that can bring real growth to any business. Managing director Nikesh Patel and the team at Pantheon UK will be following the tournament and routeing for English champion Andy Murray.  

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