Pantheon UK On Treating Problems Effectively In Business

Pantheon UK On Treating Problems Effectively In Business

When things are not going well in business, it can be easy to fall into the trap of throwing money and resources art marketing in the hope this will fix the problem. This is a common scenario where companies will: up advertising spend, design a new brochure, or run a sale while crossing your fingers and hoping things will turn around for your business. Marketing firm Pantheon UK understand that you do not need resources to fix things, you just need to be resourceful.

Thinking resourcefully means instead of asking “how do we get more customers and sales”, you ask yourself better questions like why aren’t existing customers returning? If you’re offering an indispensable service, then ten customers will buy once and buy again in the future, that’s twenty sales instead of offering an average service and trying to find ten new customers every day. You should ask yourself: are we failing to exceed customer expectations? What is memorable when customers engage with our business? Pantheon UK promotes the philosophy, “When there is a problem in business, find the root cause and treat that, not the symptom” as it is important to find the root cause of the problem so you can make informed decisions about the best course of action to create a solution.

Pantheon UK understands that the notion of defining the problem, to find the solution seems fairly obvious, it is sometimes overlooked just how specific you need to be during this process. Look into the problem deeper, what parts of the system are causing damage, what do your colleagues on the ground think? Another person’s perspective can make all the difference, and the problem could be bigger or easier to fix than you thought. When you have outlined and defined the root and impact of the problem, you should begin to consider all the elements that may be contributing to the cause and may be needed as part of the solution. For example, if your coffee machine has been making weak coffee due to a blockage in the machine, you wouldn’t deal with the problem by throwing the machine away and stop serving coffee. You keep the machine, replace the part, train yourself and staff on what to look for and implement regular checks with them going forward, and continue serving coffee and making revenue. 
Going forward, Pantheon UK suggests when faced with a problem, particularly a lack of sales, take a step back and use this problem-solving approach to ensure you treat the underlying cause rather than just a symptom.

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