11 Reasons Why Fresh Air Is Vital To Health

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Nowadays the busy lifestyle has made it difficult to go outside, get some fresh air and spare time for oneself. There are countless benefits of fresh air. Going outdoors to places with more trees and more natural surroundings is also a source of abundant fresh air.

Such fresh air is very vital to the body. Air is responsible for supplying oxygen in the body, and oxygen is needed by individual cells in the body to perform relevant functions. The indoor air gets stale with time. Not only does fresh air benefit the mind and body, but it also uplifts mood and is good for emotional wellbeing.

Overall Health Benefits Of Fresh Air

Going outdoors and getting in more fresh air brings specified benefits to specific body parts. Let us see how different systems and body parts are energized with fresh air to do related tasks more efficiently.

1.    Promotes Brain Efficiency

Out of all the oxygen that is supplied to the body from inhaled air, more than 20% is utilized by the brain to perform its functions. Fresh air supplies oxygen to the brain in abundance and optimizes the overall efficiency of brain functions. It also enhances cognitive efficiency, such as enhancing concentration, focus, and alertness.

2.    Promotes Serotonin Synthesis

There is a relation between serotonin production and the amount of oxygen in the blood. The relatively greater supply of oxygen stimulates the synthesis of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone of good feeling, and it is another key factor that assists in emotional wellbeing. It happens because serotonin is responsible for sensations such as a good mood, happiness, and relaxation.

3.    Cleansing Of Lungs

Lungs function as the major ventilation system of the body. When we breathe indoors, the breathing process only involves the upper chest, and it is known as apical breathing. However, breathing outdoors accompanied by physical activities such as walking, running, and playing make lungs breathe more deeply up to the diaphragm.

Deep breathing is beneficial as it promotes the efficiency and capacity of the lungs. It also builds stamina, and it is also crucial as this process expels toxins out of the body. This altogether results in the cleansing of the lungs.

4.    Protects Against Airborne Diseases

The outdoor conditions are richer in the fresh air. Viruses and bacteria are less likely to grow in the fresh air. On the contrary, the indoor environment is warmer and more humid, which provides the best conditions for the germs to grow and spread. Thus taking out some time going outdoors and breathing in the fresh air also provides resistance against airborne diseases.

5.    Fresh Air Promotes Digestion

Moving outdoors in order to get fresh air is accompanied by some level of activity. For instance, you might go out on a walk in order to get some fresh air, or you might even get involved in some sports activities such as cycling and tennis. Fresh air, along with some degree of exercise, promotes blood circulation.

With an increased circulation of blood, more blood and oxygen gets supplied to the digestive system. That promotes digestion and helps in avoiding digestion problems. Thus fresh air is also good for a healthy gut.

6.    Detoxification Of The Body

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. It is difficult to understand how fresh air promotes detoxification, but with more fresh air, the natural detoxification process occurs at a relatively fast pace. Naturally, the body constantly gets rid of toxins in numerous ways, one of which is exhaling.

Certain lifestyle changes such as the habit of excessive drinking, smoking, and drugs become the major cause of adding toxins into the body at a higher pace. Interventions might assist in meeting the need for detoxification. You may seek addiction treatment for your son or close family members to help them get out of it after successful intervention.

7.    Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Fresh air also promotes cardiovascular health by keeping your pulse rate and blood pressure in control. Be cautious of polluted environments and busy surroundings as it might possibly act as a major stressor, and instead of bringing any benefit, it will do more harm.

Breathing in the fresh air will ensure better cardiovascular health and prevent related issues such as hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. Make sure to go outdoors for some time in order to get some fresh air.

8.    Boosts Immunity

Fresh air also boosts immunity directly by promoting the production of more white blood cells. The abundant supply of oxygen not only increases the count of white blood cells but also promotes its functioning to fight against germs and diseases.

9.    Reduces Risk Factor Of Obesity

Going outdoor brings along some movement of the body, which is very beneficial to avoid health issues such as obesity and overweight. If we add some physical activity when going outdoor for the purpose of taking in the fresh air, the results can profoundly be increased as it helps in weight maintenance.

10. Allows More Family Time

Try to take your family along when moving outdoors. It will provide an opportunity to stay fit on the one hand and rejoice together with family. Such outdoor trips prove very handy in making strong bonds in relationships. It provides an opportunity for all members to come together and indulge in some fun activities.

11. Exposure To Vitamin D

Staying indoors also deprives the body of the vital vitamin D that is essential to perform many functions. More prominently, it is essential for healthy bones. Going outdoors not only provides the chance to get fresh air, but it also provides the body with much-needed vitamin D.

Be cautious of scorching sun and protect your skin from harmful UV radiations by using sunscreen. It is just UV radiation; otherwise, the sunlight by providing Vitamin D can help to maintain strong bones, muscles, immunity and elevate overall health level.

Take Away

Fresh air is extremely beneficial for managing health. Taking out a few minutes from a busy schedule and going outdoors to breathe in fresh air brings wonderful changes to mind and body. However, you must consider that the air around is less polluted and there is less traffic around. You may add some physical activities when going outdoors to enhance the benefits.