4 Easy Ways to Choose the Best-Fitting Plus-Size Bra

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New Zealand has always piqued the curiosity of visitors with the distinct attire worn by its people. Every generation and social class each have their unique way of dressing. Most shops and boutiques based in New Zealand make it a point to sell underwear and lingerie that not only embraces their culture but also accommodates all body shapes and sizes.

Each body type is as relevant as the inspirations behind each clothing preference. As such, plus size bras in NZ are steadily earning a reputation for being comfortable and stylish. There is also a growing number of lingerie shops that promote a positive body image for all women.

On the other hand, some full-figured women are still unsure of how they can find a bra that fits their bust. Purchasing bras for curvy women is challenging because aside from the importance of comfort and the right fit, women also need to consider the durability of their bra’s material.

A Bra With A Perfect Fit Feels Divine

Ease of movement is one of the tell-tale signs that a bra fits nicely around a woman’s bosom. Bras that are too tight can lead to serious health risks, while loosely fitted bras provide less coverage and support than necessary.

There are essential factors that must be remembered when purchasing bras, especially for full-figured ladies. It is not just about whether a bra looks stylish, trendy, or even sexually appealing. Good-fitting bras should be the top priority of every curvy woman when out shopping for their intimates.

Here are four useful tips for choosing the plus size bra that best fits one’s cup size:

Learn how to measure your bra size the right way

Making mental estimations of your bust size won’t help. To get the right bra size for your bust, get a measuring tape and start by taking your band size. Your band size refers to the area below your chest. The measuring tape should be wrapped flatly around the said area for you to get an accurate measurement of your band size. Next, get the measurements for your cup size by putting the tape around the fullest area of your breasts (usually around your nipples). The tape should be placed loosely around your chest. Take note of the measurements for both your band and cup size. Round off odd-numbered band measurements to the nearest even number. If needed, round off your cup size to a whole number closest to your recorded measurement. Your band size minus your cup size is your bra size.

Try on different bras and multiple sizes

With several different types of plus-size bras in NZ available, each bra can fit differently. As such, it is also relatively normal for your bra size to alter slightly, especially when you wear a sports bra, a plunge bra, or a convertible bra with a low back.

Find bras with added features designed for curvy women

Indeed, busty women will need a specific set of features that will help make them feel more comfortable when wearing bras. Aside from excellent support and coverage, try looking for bras with built-in side panels. There are also underwire and strapless bras that still provide a comfortable fit.

Pay attention to how your bra moves or stays as you turn your upper torso or move your arms

Adjust the straps as needed when you raise or move your arms. You can tell that your bra fits if you don’t feel any restraint from the straps after you adjust it. If your straps keep falling off of your shoulders even after you’ve readjusted it, then switch it with a smaller sized bra. If it’s too tight, maybe the size is too small for you. Additionally, the middle part of your bra should lie flatly over your sternum. Finding and wearing excellently fitting bra complements your style, keeps your breasts healthy, and leaves you comfortable all day long.