4 Ideas for offering discount deals to customers

Offering discount deals is one of the best ways to make your business more competitive out there. After all, most customers are always looking for opportunities where they can submit coupon codes and get value for their hard-earned money. As you purpose to offer discount deals in your business, it is important that you know a few ideas that can help you avoid potential pitfalls. This is because these deals could in turn lead into unforeseen losses if one is not careful enough. Having these details on your fingertips can help you prevent such problems. In this article, we shall take a closer look at some of the ideas that can help you get started.

1. Focus more on target markets that is less motivated by discounts

There is always that demographic or market that is not always motivated by discounts. This is mainly the millennials. In fact, most of them hardly ask for discounts. If you are selling furniture or home appliances, you should allow them to submit promo codes and in return be able to get the much-needed discounts. By doing so, you will be able to attract more millennial customers to your store or shop. Consequently, your profit margins will be boosted.

2. Offer fewer but bigger discounts

As you purpose to offer discounts to your customers, you should be keen with how you offer them. Offering bigger discounts will make your customers to go on a shopping frenzy. However, the number of times you give discounts should be limited.

This is because you still need to make more profits in the long run. Generally, the discounts are to lure customers to buy more than usual. As long as your business’s profit margins will not be adversely affected by this strategy, you can go ahead and implement it.

3. Offer loyalty discount to existing customers

There are some customers who have been doing business with you from the word go. Such customers should not be treated like ordinary customers. Instead, they need to be given the much-needed loyalty discounts every now and then.

Here, you can create some promo codes and then send these codes to their emails. Thereafter, these customers will use these codes to do shopping in your store. By doing this, you will encourage them to shop more and this will increase your sale’s margin.

4. Know the products to sell at discounted prices

First and foremost, not all product need to be sold at discounted rates. This is because some of them are already doing well at the current market price. However, there are some that are near their life cycle. Such product might not be doing well in the market.

Since your intention was to make profits, you should instead sell them at a discounted price. You can create coupon codes for them and let customers submit coupon codes when purchasing these products.


By considering the above-mentioned ideas, you will be able to offer discount deals to your customers and still remain competitive. Consider them today and you will make more sales in your business. These ideas are truly incredible.