7 Stylish Bedroom Design Ideas you can try today

It is quite common for us to design and decorate our living rooms in the best way possible. But when it comes to the bedroom, we say

“Not many of our guests are going to enter our bedroom… but all of them will notice our living room.”

That’s a lame excuse. After spending long and hectic hours at our workplace and attending to the kids, the bedroom is the only place where we go to release all our worries and tiredness.

If it’s the bedroom where you go to slip into the world of dreams and give yourself some rest, then why not give it a makeover?

Big or small, every bedroom has its own potential to be designed and decorated on a budget. Did you know The American Sleep Association suggests to always keep stimulating activities outside your bedroom in order to avoid sleep disturbance?

But that doesn’t mean you have limitations in decorating your bedroom.

Want to know how?

Here are the bedroom design ideas you can try today to give your bedroom a stylish look –

  1. Invest in Statement Ceiling Fans

If you are someone living in a warm climate, then a ceiling fan is a must.

So why not ditch the old, boring, mundane looking fans and go for something quirky, classy, and unique?

Having a statement ceiling fan can change the entire look of your wall ceiling and as a result, change the look of your overall bedroom.

Just like you focus greatly on choosing a beautiful pendant light that will go with the room, choose a statement ceiling fan that will suit your room and give it an edgy look.

When we are talking about statement pieces, a statement wall clock will also work in making your bedroom look designed, while informing you the correct time so you are never late for your chores.

  1. Choose a proper bedside light unit

Do you know what gives your bedroom a much wanted dreamy look and feel?

Choosing the proper bedside lights!

Not only does it provide you with sufficient light to read and find stuff near your bed without putting a strain on your eyes, it also works as an undeniable source of splendid beauty to your bedroom.

There are a lot of variations to choose from when you are searching for the best kinds of bedside lights.

You can always invest in the old and classic bedside table lamp. Make sure it’s a unique piece or goes well with the furniture and paint of the bedroom.

If yours is a small space and you can’t afford to place a bedside table lamp, you can still add a bit of beautiful light.

People with small bedrooms and even with big bedrooms can always go for a pendant light as it looks really beautiful and stylish.

You have the option to experiment with these. A chandelier is sure going to blow you out.

  1. Lay out a large area rug beneath the bed

Giving your room a stylish look on a budget is not a very difficult task to carry out.

It depends on your taste for stylish things and the love of “less is more”.

A large area rug is going to do that for you so laying it beneath the bed is a great option.

You can enjoy this for many reasons:

  • This will give your bedroom some dimension and provide an anchored look.
  • Before you slip your feet into the sleepers, you will love keeping your toes on a soft and warm surface when you wake up after a good night’s sleep.
  1. Hang a fun headboard

A headboard can change the way you look at your room.

If you are thinking of buying a headboard for your room, make sure it complements the overall paint or the wallpaper beneath it.

You can arrange and place three headboards. This gives your bedroom a trendy look. If it’s in a neutral color scheme, it adds a sense of formality.

  1. An ensuite bathroom

Are you that someone who likes to walk out of the crowd?

Do you have a taste for everything unique yet trendy, which other people consider to be rather strange?

Then, you are going to love the idea of a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

Such bedrooms are the latest design in the market. These bedrooms open up to an open plan bathroom and shower rooms.

The combination of bathroom and bedroom in one makes the room area look bigger and also quirky. Certainly, not a thing that you are going to find in everyone else’s home.

  1. Place a large artwork

If you want an artistic touch in your bedroom, placing a large artwork will feed your love for art and everything related to it.

Apart from adding an artistic touch, it will also make your room look really aesthetic. Well, who wouldn’t love to upload Instagram pictures with a bedroom like that?

You can choose any of the artwork that motivates you or gives you a message that is really close to your heart.

Also, you can also try an artwork that symbolizes your happy soul or is a reflection of your space.

Place some wooden tools alongside a few small green plants and you are good to go.

  1. Add fun to your walls by pasting wallpapers

It doesn’t matter if you have a large bedroom or a small one. All that is required here is walls and your creativity to make it shine!

Bedroom is a place where you want to feel relaxed, peaceful, or sensual.

Using wallpapers in a bedroom can be too much for some people… given the instant texture and color, it brings to space that hits the eye.

But you can choose the wallpapers according to your preference and the emotions you want to experience in the bedroom.

For example, you can use horizontal and vertical wallpapers in your bedroom if you want it to look bigger and classy. You can go for neutral or light shades of solid colors if you want a peaceful vibe. If you are into modern art, go for bold colors.


Making your bedroom look stylish is easy and fun. Irrespective of your bedroom size and your budget, you deserve to have a cozy and peaceful bedroom that suits your mood and choice.

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