ACE Money Transfer & Bank Alfalah – Leading the Way Forward

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah have joined hands to help the Pakistani diaspora to send money to Pakistan with greater ease. The partnership has allowed customers to enjoy best remittances services provided by ACE Money Transfer and the best cash pick up and exchange rates at the receiving end of Bank Alfalah. Both senders and receivers can win amazing prizes by using ACE Money Transfer as a platform, and Bank Alfalah as a payout.  

Money Transfer – A Constant Need Of Society

Staying abroad for financial independence is a difficult task, apart from social problems, the financial matters also come at stake when you are new to some foreign country. 

Emigrates often have to face situations where their money is stuck up in between understating the procedure, relaying the service, and conveniently sending money without excessive charges on the sending and receiving side of money transfer. But the combine efforts of ACE and Bank Alfalah have brought the solution to these problems.

Community Of ACE And Bank Alfalah 

ACE has established its trust within the community with its two long decades of customers directed services. At the same time, Bank Alfalah has set more than 600 branches all over Pakistan and has stitched together the economy of Pakistan by the provision of excessive financial services. 

The two organizations have increased collaborative terms to allow customers to enjoy various services such as utility bills. 

The Outcomes of Collab Among ACE And Bank Alfalah

Similarly, both partners are also working day and night to bring the floor inward remittance services for various European nations and South Asian countries like Bangladesh. These incentive campaigns will allow the Pakistani community to utilize technologically advanced and trusted banking services for the hard-earned money.

The Widening Banking Industry Of Pakistan

The collaboration has also widened the scope of the banking services not only in Pakistan but also for overseas customers. It must be noted that Bank Alfalah has been striving to bring its customers satisfaction at its fullest by partnering with overseas banking sectors. Like the banking leading companies like FinTech’s, Money Transfer Operators like ACE Money Transfer and various other banks in foreign countries.

Benefits For Customers

 These partnerships allow the customers to enjoy best exchange rates and low transaction costs and also will enable the fulfilment of the aim of the state bank of Pakistan by bringing more and more remittances to the local bank’s channels.

The combined effort of ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah is helping a vast diaspora network of Pakistani in the form of foreign emigrants and working individuals who work away from their families just to earn some handsome amount. 

They allow them worry-less money transfers to their loved ones in Pakistan without having to reluctant about any kind of transaction doubts, currency frauds, delayed transfers, and check payments. 

Easy, Secure, Reliable And Affordable Money Transfer With Us

The mutual alliance will also ease out the process and understanding for the new users as well as for the long-term users of the money transfer service. So, meet hands with lawfully protected money transfer services of ACE Money Transfer in a mutual corporation with your always trusted Bank Alfalah.

Don’t get confused with the misleading and unclear money transfer services that are not only difficult to understand in terms of policies and management. They also create difficulty for new users in understanding the methods of money transfer. Simply log onto the website of Bank Alfalah or ACE Money Transfer and get in touch with their team for availing of the best remittance services at your end.