Artist’s guide to Spotify

What was before Spotify?

For many and many years before, musical artists have been struggling with gaining public recognition and making all the world see- more accurately- listen to- their musical creations. Compared to today, they have less chance to attract people’s attention and that’s no surprise- communication pathways were not as far-reaching and common as it is now. There were not Facebook, Instagram, youtube, or Spotify to support your music and made it easily accessible. You needed to be lucky enough to be noticed in bars where you hopefully participated in musical gigs or tried to pursue and sway ‘big guys’ in the music industry and even that would not give you any guarantee.

Ain’t no easy thing being a musician, in it?

But a lot has changed since then.

Changed the nature of the competition and changed the ways of ‘supply’. Digital competition more or less replaced the traditional one and now the market is open for every artist who wants to put forward his or her work for all the world to see. But, the big question here is: who will be interested specifically in your work, in your music, when there are millions, billions of music out there and your art is getting swallowed by the neverending number of them?

It seems that a coin truly has two sides- on one hand, everything becomes ‘reachable’, on the other – reaching it is rather difficult.

And Spotify is the number one platform in the middle of this huge competition.

Spotify for Artists

Spotify is the largest music streaming platform that has millions of songs, podcasts, videos, etc from artists all over the world. As a newly emerged musician, you can count on Spotify to be the place of your musical creation. It is the necessary step towards your music career.

The first thing you need to do is to create an account as an artist.

What do you need to grow your profile? Lots of followers, even bigger number of Spotify plays {link}, Spotify playlist plays, Spotify saves, and patience. Yup, creating a brand that eventually will present you as a musician is essential here. Don’t look at this as a short term adventure you can cut short. If you want to produce music, get known for it, and of course, make deserved money, you need to think long term.

3 Things You Need To Consider On Spotify

There are quick ways to get  Spotify plays or buy Spotify playlist plays and kickstart your journey as an artist. This will help you gain a necessary boost and make your song or playlist well reachable for lots of users. But maybe you want to do it in your way- maybe you are the one with patience and can bear the slow pace while ascending the ladder of popularity? Either way, here are some things that will aid you on your titan’s journey:

  1. Start with playlists

Creating playlists and then placing one or two of your own tracks there will help your music to gain more attention. By doing this you are building a little hub where other tracks can share a space with yours and therefore level up the possibility of its noticeability. It’s like you are creating a friendly base from where you will indirectly be interacting with the authors of the songs in your playlist. Playlists can include songs from your favorite artists- the more recognizable they are the better.

  1. Are you a Brand yet?

As I mentioned before imagining yourself as a brand is crucial. It does not matter if you are starting small. Think big. Create Facebook, Instagram, youtube profiles for your band or for you as a solo artist. Make a name for yourself on every possible social platform and link your Spotify to it. Do not do a half-hearted job here. You need to have an unshakeable online presence. And that includes investing your time a. in visual representations of you as an artist- photos, logos, basically a symbol of you. b. A story- who you are, why you are, and what is the message you will be spreading. In short, if you are here competing with other artists, you will need a full-body armor.

  1. Are you socializing enough?

Sharing is caring, right? Try to share music from other artists, engage with them. You can follow your favorite artists on Spotify too so that your followers know what kind of music you are into. And remember when I mentioned other social platforms? Well, make it your mission to leave digital footprints on every possible social media site. Share the link of your music on Facebook, on Instagram. Create a web that will entangle the algorithms of Spotify and other platforms and make them recommend your music to people. The more active you are the more noticeable you will be.


May the success be with you on your Spotify journey!