Beginners Facts to Know With Fake Ids

As a first-year student, many things are coming across you for the first time. First, you find that most of your college buddies are older than you. You cannot have fun with them or engage in activities since you are underage. Finally, most of your friends have fake ids that allow them to mingle with the older school mates.

Therefore, you are losing on every side with your friends, school mates, and even classmates. On every level, you are missing out on cool activities. In the evening, your fellow students congregate in the local bar to drink or two, pick up fights, and have their lives first bar fight. It is not weird or wrong to want these.

However, best fake ids sites online have consequences that can be fatal such as driving while drunk. You can face a jail term if found with a fake. These are not the only facts you should know about when you get a fake id for the first time. Other facts include:

  1. 1. There may be sting operations

Well, it might be a practice and a known requirement for bartenders and bouncers to ask for ids. However, it does not mean they pay much attention. In many instances, the id requirement is just for show.

However, it does not mean that you do not carry your fake id. In any case, police officers often conduct sting operations, and if your fake id is not good enough, you are in trouble. Always make friendships with the bartender and the bouncers when visiting clubs; they might save you much trouble.

2.Fake ids have all essential security features

Fake id websites like IDGOD.dev provide fake ids with matching security features to a legal id. Some security features that are a must-have on your fake id vendorsinclude a barcode, magnetic stripes, holograms, quality pictures or images, and many more. If not, it becomes problematic as you cannot get any access to any products or services.

If worried about the quality, always check the website reviews for more information on their fake ids. Asking fellow students where they got their own and can also work for you.

  1. Fake id sites are easy to find

You do not have to worry about where you will get a site to order your fake id. Most are already available through a simple search on Google search engine. However, you may want to confirm their legitimacy as many online sites turn out to be fraudulent.

Look for trusted review sites or use your friends already using cheap fake ids to garner more data on any site you find. You will find one that matches what you are looking for and place an order.

  1. Fake ids can pass through a scanning machine

Business and security guards often use scanning machines to verify an individual’s identity. If the place you intend on visiting uses one of these machines, you may want to get a fake id that can scan. Most online sites, including IDGOD.dev, provide fake ids that accept scanning. The site encodes information (your data) into the barcode.

  1. Fake ids are affordable

If thinking that you cannot afford a fake id, well, it is out there now! Fake ids are the most inexpensive documents available to students and other people who need them. You only need to spend from $40 to $150, depending on your order. On IDGOD.dev, you only pay $100 to get a single fake id. It comes accompanied with a duplicate of the fake id for backup purposes. If purchasing for a group, you only spend $60, and each id comes with a duplicate.

  1. Drunk driving is still an offense and irresponsible behavior

Getting a fake id is not a free ticket to practice your driving skills while drunk. If caught, not even the fake id can save you from trouble.  First, you could get into a dangerous situation or sustain injuries due to reckless driving. You endanger other motorists on the road. On top of it all, you are using a fake id, which is an offense.

  1. Fake ids can get you into legal trouble

Fake ids are not all fun without consequences. The fakes can land you into trouble with large amounts in fines or face a jail term. Every state has its legal definition of a fake and takes offense in its use. Plus, you can face stricter conditions or terms when using a fake id in another state than you would in your state. Thus, if you are to use a fake, make sure it the best fake in the state. You cannot get caught when using it.


Get all your facts straight. It helps you become more responsible once you receive your fake id. However, it is important to continue reading on fake ids and possible offenses you might be committing. Try and be wise when using any fake document. They may mimic originals, but if not careful, they can land you into trouble.