Best Anime Websites In The US!

Before a decade ago, it was very hard for US people to find and browse their desired anime online. Only a few shows are broadcast on TV in the years of 2000s. But many anime lovers have illegally duplicated VHS tapes of their favorite shows on CD-R. But now the time has changed, as there are too many legal sites available for US anime fans. So more also you need to know about the products and dealers for animefix site.

But still, there is a lot of confusion about how to choose the best anime websites to watch favorite shows online. Here we are going to discuss what things make a website popular and worth it. Our blog will help you to find the best one from hundreds of options. 

How to choose an anime site?

  • Cost and Features

Once upon a time, one has to pay a huge amount to online platforms for watching their favorite anime shows. But now, the time has totally changed. Now one can pay once a month as a monthly package for watching unlimited anime videos. Most popular sites like cruchyroll and Funimation offer monthly packages under $10. By spending this much little amount, you will get to watch a wide range of anime videos in HD and 4K quality. If you buy the premium version, then you won’t get disturbed by the ads. Apart from this, one can also download their favorites to watch them anytime or anywhere offline on their preferred device. 

  • Content

The next most important thing is the content. If a website is legal and offers free of cost browsing but did not have a good range of videos, then it is worthless. In this term, we will recommend Cruchyroll, which has more than 1200 live series. Apart from this, if you are willing to pay some extra amount for your enjoyment, then you can go with VRV, which has more than 2600 live anime series on its website. However, just the quantity of shows doesn’t always matter, although the more popular and viewed shows are also available on Cruchyroll, VRV, and Funimation sites. 

  • Dubs VS Subs

Now the next important trait is language. Most people love to stream animation in their preferred and known language. The best anime website holds videos dubbed in the English language, which is common in the US. If you are looking for the best websites which have English dubbed anime series, then once again, Cruchyroll is the best option for you. Furthermore, many sites like Funimation don’t have English dubbed shows, but one will get subbed videos here of their preferred language. Funimation is cheaper than cruchyroll. So if you are comfortable with subs, then you can choose Funimation as a cost-saving option. 

  • Best Way to Watch

Well, all the devices, including Android, IOs, laptops, and personal computers, are compatible with anime websites. But not all the sites have their mobile app. So if you want to watch your favorite shows anywhere then, you have to look for a site that has Mobile App accessibility. VRV and cruchyroll are the most popular ways to watch anime offline on their apps. 

  • Other Important Features

Sometimes an app isn’t a platform for streaming videos; it also performs like a digital store. If you choose Funimation, then you can get some best offers for relevant merchandise and physical media. Cruchyroll also shows ads for a better shopping experience. Maybe you will get what you are looking for from so many days on your anime streaming mobile app. 


If your other family members are also fond of anime series and you do not want to go over budget for a different premium subscription, then you may choose a platform like Netflix as it offers to stream one account on several devices. If you follow our guide, then you will definitely find the best anime website available in your region.