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Do you love creating music? Are you one of those people who spent their childhood standing outside a shop with musical instruments wondering when you’ll get your musical instrument to start making music yourself? Many of us have been through that feeling.

Many of us have also gotten our dream instrument and learned to play it as well. But the problem doesn’t end with just learning. Once you buy a guitar or any musical instrument, avoiding a repair visit is sometimes very difficult because guitars do get damaged or have broken cords or some other problem.

Not only guitars but all musical instruments need repair or polishing facilities. In this article, we will tell you about the best guitar shops in Vienna which not only sell guitars but also help repair them as well.

Can These Shops Be Trusted?

If you’re wondering that these shops can be trusted with buying a new guitar or guitar repair, then rest assured! These people have been in business for years now and they know exactly what you need when you go to them. They are guitar specialists and are always well informed about all the latest guitars that enter the market.

Some of them are also experts at making guitars themselves. They can also create a customized guitar for you according to your needs. All you need to do is put out your requirements in front of them and Bam! They come up with just what you need. So let’s start with some of the best guitar shops in Vienna.

Reinhards Guitars

The owner of the shop is a friendly man who has a passion for guitars. He loves operating and repairing guitars and won’t disappoint you in any way. He also owns a brand of guitars and can help you get your personalized guitar as well. His customer services are great and can also guide beginners about guitar lessons in Vienna.

Music Vidic | Manfred Memminger | 1100 Bzk

Manfred is known for his personable aura and his incomparable knowledge of guitars. If you need any advice on guitars he’s the one to go to. He will tell you all you need to know about bass guitars, pianos, and many other instruments. This place can be easily accessible to people who live in the 10th District.

Flash Second hand Music

If you don’t feel like investing a lot of money in your guitar but still want a guitar, then this is just the place you need to visit. You can get used guitars, guitar amplifiers, and effects pedals here. Here you will find good quality guitars at cheaper rates.

Sound Forum

This is a place that has a great collection of “Suhr” guitars which is a Japanese guitar company. They also provide full guitar servicing and repair.


This is the largest music store in Vienna, Austria. Their collection of guitars is huge and they also have pianos, sound systems, DJ equipment, music books, and much more. You can also sit in the shop and try playing different musical instruments and that too for free.

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