Demo Vs. Real Money Casino

A real money casino is among the most popular venues for new and experienced gamblers. But, demo games are just as popular. Here’s why.

Real Money Casino & Demo Games: Which Should You Try First?

Playing at a real money casino is the first choice for countless new punters looking to enjoy gambling entertainment. Since these operators lurk behind virtually every corner nowadays, choosing the right venue is challenging. The difference between real and demo slot games and casinos may seem obvious, but there’s much more beneath the surface.

Online venues these days specialize in a wide variety of gambling games, categories, payment methods, and more. The market has grown to such heights that there’s an online casino for every taste these days. You’ll come across venues that specialize in Bitcoin games and payments, casinos that only offer live dealer games, and so on. However, while most of these operators are real money venues, some focus on demo games. We’ll focus on the differences between them below.

Real Money Casino & Why They Offer Demo Games

Online slots are among the most critical, famous, and loved games in online venues. Consequently, these games were the first to bring the idea of demo or practice mode to virtual casino-goers. The idea behind demo games is that players can explore different titles without any risk. Instead of requiring real-money deposits, these games grant play money to players.

On the other hand, real money slot games work the way their creators and casino operators intended. These titles call for real money deposits and bets from players, but they also result in real money wins and jackpots.

Understanding Demo Games

As their name suggests, these games serve to demonstrate the gameplay and various features to potential players. These titles are free to play, and developers pre-load them with play money. The goal is to allow players to test each game as if they possessed unlimited bankrolls, which is every passionate gambler’s dream.

Almost every real money casino offers some type of demo or practice mode/game. These titles are mirror copies of their real money counterparts 99.9 percent of the time. The similarities give players a precise and accurate idea of the gameplay if they had unlimited real money.

In other words, the bonus features, volatility, maximum win potential, and RTP are the same as the real money game. Remember that these games mustn’t trick players into thinking that the game is better or more generous than it really is.

Why Do Demo Games Exist?

There are several reasons why demo games are around in most online gambling venues. The most critical reason is that these games serve as a potent marketing tool developers use to build excitement and hype around their upcoming releases.

The demo version is there to give players and casino sites interested in featuring the game the chance to try a new game before it goes live. The logic is that if the demo version creates hype and demand in the build-up to the official release, the game’s release day will likely be lucrative.

The secondary purpose of offering such games in a real money casino is to let players feel the game. Although most slot games use the same mechanics, variety is a crucial aspect of each game. Players can enjoy the demo version to learn the mechanics and explore the specifics before investing real money in it.

Another aspect of enjoying these games has to do with catering to different tastes. Each player looks for something specific in a gambling session. Exploring games in demo mode allows them to see whether the new release will be the right fit. It’s possible to invest real money in an unknown game only to realize later that it’s not to your taste or it’s too confusing.

Where Can I Enjoy Demo Casino Games?

Generally speaking, you can use two methods to find and enjoy demo casino games. The first method is to type the name of a specific game or the term “demo games” in your search browser and pick a real money casino from one of the first several results. You’ll likely come across genuine demo games, but the question of safety and reputability always remains. In other words, you typically won’t know much about the site offering these games.

The second and recommended method is to go with a tried and tested online gambling resource. We always like to use onlinecasinocrawler.com as the go-to site focusing on in-depth casino and game reviews. You’ll also find various industry and strategy guides here. Additionally, there are casino game guides and pro-level tips and tricks. There are even some hacks the casino industry doesn’t want you to know about. If you’re looking for demo games, the many reviewed operators on OCC are where you should look.

How Can I Tell I’m Playing A Demo Casino Game?

Other than the balance being absurdly high, some demo games won’t make it evident that they’re demo games. When looking at the game balance, seeing a range between 1,000 and 100,000 is a sure sign you’re playing a demo version of the game.

On the other hand, there are other indicators that you’re playing this type of game. Regardless of whether you’re playing at a real money casino, look for things like the word “FUN” displayed after the balance. Simultaneously, a game may have the DEMO badge located in the corner of the screen.

There are also examples of prominent developers like NetEnt or Play’n GO going with pop-up messages after a set number of spins. These pop-ups remind players that they’re enjoying a demo version of the game. It’s also common for these messages to contain buttons that lead to real money versions of the same game in the nominated casinos of the developer’s choosing.

Note that you can also enjoy these games in places that aren’t online casinos. Various sites specialize in demo games, and such titles are also available on the developers’ official websites. Regardless, before you start enjoying the demo game, you should first be asked to verify your age, irrespective of whether it’s a real money casino or another type of site. Good luck!

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