Everything You Need to Know About Weed Bail Bonds

You must know that manufacturing, creating, or growing drugs to distribute them or sell them is a crime. That is to say that if you deal in illegal drugs and distribute them in the market, then you are committing a criminal offense. If a person is in prison for distributing or manufacturing illegal drugs, then the prosecutor’s main idea is to prove the intent of distribution or sale to convict the individual. So, if a person you know got charged with illegally dealing marijuana or making any ecstasy drugs, you need to have a bail bond to come out of jail.


If a person gets convicted for the manufacture of illegal drugs, they either have to face a fine or stay in prison. Therefore, you should hire a bail bond attorney to present and structure your case accordingly so that you can come out of the confinement at the earliest. Some essential illegal drugs are:

  • prescription drugs
  • parts of marijuana
  • ecstasy
  • methamphetamine
  • cocaine
  • heroin

These are some of the drugs that are considered illegal by the court of law, and you cannot engage in manufacturing or distributing these drugs in most countries.


How to define scheduled drugs?

You must know the schedule drugs might get deemed dangerous because it has a powerful potential for leading to addiction and abuse. These drugs do not have any medical qualifications. The severity of the charge depends on the dangerousness of the drug that you use. In fact, in some countries manufacturing meth is a grave offense. Moreover, it brings in mandatory imprisonment for a few years if you get convicted for the first time.


Can somebody get arrested for growing marijuana in their house?

Marijuana is a drug that is illegal even if you grow it in your house in some countries. So, if you get caught growing it, then you might have to face prison. Some states recognize that marijuana has some medical benefits, but you have to function according to the cannabis laws.


How much does a bail bond for drug manufacturing cost?

The cost of your bail amount depends on the type of drug that convicts you. You must have an attorney to understand the cost of bail for weed. It also includes the manufacturing and distribution of the drug. Your previous record of offenses also comes under consideration before heading you liable. The amount of the drug is also a considering factor. If you have a drug that is less than 100 grams, it is not a grave offense, and you have to give only a $150 fine; no bond is mandatory. On the other hand, if somebody gets caught with a minimum of 30 plants, then you have to face felony charges. And the costs of the bond also might go higher.


How does bail bond function?

If you find a bondsman signing a bond for an individual who gets convicted for drugs, then you have to disburse 10% of the signing amount for you to go free.


As you know, that bail bond is a kind of financial guarantee that the person arrested will attend court proceedings in the future. As such, a bail bond company gives the bail amount for the person in lockup to release them. So, if the person does not come up for the court proceedings, then it is the bond company held responsible, and their amount will get confiscated. Anybody that gets arrested for distribution or manufacturing of drug cultivation would need a bail bond to get a release from prison.