Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Georgia

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Buying a property is an important milestone in anybody’s life. 

A house is where you’ll create memories, build a family, or even legacies. 

However, most sellers and buyers lack adequate knowledge of the real estate industry, possibly because most sellers and buyers are first-time homeowners. 

Therefore, you’ll need the services of a professional real estate agent to get what you want at a fair price. 

Nevertheless, hiring an agent itself isn’t a straightforward process considering that the real estate industry is filled with bad and good agents. 

How then can you spot the difference to avoid mistakes?

Worry not! 

We’ve compiled a list of factors to consider before choosing a real estate agent in Georgia. 

Read on to discover them!


One major factor to check before picking a real estate agent is their reputation. 

Consider asking for referrals from your neighbors, friends, co-workers, or family who have used an agent before in that community. 

Also, check various reviews from other clients to discover the agency’s quality of services before settling on them. 


Real estate transactions are usually complex and extensive; thus, the buyer will typically encounter daunting challenges while shopping for new homes for sale in Newnan, GA. 

That’s why as a buyer, you need to ensure you’re working with an experienced real estate agency like Tim Stout Group.  

You can discover whether an agent is experienced or not by finding out how long the agent has been in practice. 

Similarly, you can estimate how experienced an agent is by finding out how long they have been licensed. 

The longer they’ve been in the real estate industry, the more they might probably amass enough competence to deal with complex issues.

Company Website

A real estate company’s website provides insights into its agents, market territory, client reviews, and business philosophy.

The individual realtor will typically have a unique and dedicated website for relevant information and their own accomplishment. 

Remember to ask about the individual agent’s performance, rather than only the agency. 

It’s the real estate agent you’ll be relying on for market knowledge, guidance, timely and precise communications, accuracy, and attention to detail.


Check online sources for reviews for real estate brokers in Georgia. From there, you’ll get an idea of what it’d be like to work with the agent from the client’s comments. 

You can check BBB or Zillow to see how the agency is rated and search for any complaints. 

Request for at least five references for similar transactions. You can call the customers and ask questions, like what they loved most about working with the agent. 


The agent’s communication skills must be excellent. They’ll have to convince you into feeling comfortable enough to work with them.

Ensure the agent also has excellent negotiation skills, which you’ll need to get a good deal. 

Remember that the ultimate decision rests on you, and the agent have got to adhere your the decision. 

Available for Showings

When house hunting with a real estate agent in Georgia, consider listing the features you want for the house.

It might be a double garage, three bathrooms, four bedrooms, or a large kitchen. 

Whatever your desires or needs, ensure the agents understand how non-negotiable they’re, so you wouldn’t waste your time looking at properties that don’t suit your preference. 

Depending on your timelines, motivation, and market demand, the agent should continually check for new listings every day so you wouldn’t miss an opportunity. 

Ensure the realtor is always available to attend showings on the days and time you’ll be willing to visit the properties.

Knowledge of the Local Market

If you seek commercial real estate agents, ensure you go for one that has spent at least four years as a realtor. 

Be one step ahead by hiring one with first-hand knowledge of your city or neighborhood. 

Expertise in the local market will enable you to highlight local features in demand while pricing correctly. 

The agent should stay on top of market trends and have good negotiation and marketing tips.

You can ask questions if you don’t feel thoroughly convinced about working with the agent. 

For instance, ask whether they’ve received an award in the real estate industry. 

Active Online Presence

Find yourself a realtor with an active online presence. 

Research has shown that 90 percent of homebuyers begin their search online. As such, your real estate broker in Georgia should be online too. 

A realtor who wants to be found will be available on different social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

They’ll also have a website and claim their name from real estate sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia.

A good website makes the agent stand out from the rest and allows you to know them. 

You can then do your own research from the properties you see on the site. 

As a seller, a realtor can share your listing from their website, so interested buyers can view and begin the buying process through the agent. 


To avoid getting a “post and pray” real estate agent (realtors who don’t work to improve themselves in the industry), ask about their certification and designation. 

Ask if the agent belongs to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Also, enquire about their education and expertise.

There are several classes that the agent can take to enhance their skills.  

These certifications and designations help improve the realtor’s expertise in buyer representation, internet, seller representation, short sales, and foreclosures, amongst others. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a house is a significant decision for your finances and lifestyle, so you’ve got to hire a real estate agent in Georgia to make the process seamless. 

There’s so much to consider when you buy a house, and choosing the right real estate agent makes all the difference.

Your realtor can be a source of relevant information, a valuable advocate, and a guide to success. 

Remember to choose carefully, find someone who has the experience, knows the area, and is always readily available.

Contact Tim Stout & Associates for the best real estate agents and allow them to work with your budget and choice to get you that dream house without problems.