How to Create a Social Media Calendar According to Your Business

The new year is right around the corner and you are probably looking to make some digital upgrades to start the year right and make sure you are investing in your marketing wisely. One important aspect of SEO is social media. Yes, your social media is a separate digital media domain, but it plays a very important role in bringing organic traffic. It helps boost domain authority and can serve as a meaningful backlink as well.

The key to managing social media for your business successfully is to rely on routine and spontaneous content. Now, for routine content, the best bet for you is to have a pre-made content calendar that you can follow throughout the month or the year. It helps you target your goals rightly and also help you devise the best SEO packages in Pakistan.

There are a few steps you can take to make sure your content calendar has content tailored to your business:

  1. Research, research & research:

Any good SEO package in Pakistan will include research and competitive analysis. It is important to first go out and see what your competitors are doing. You can do an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s social media. Here are a few things you need to tick off the list:

  1. What mediums are your competitors using?
  2. What kind of designs are your competitors using?
  3. What kind of topics are they focusing on? For e.g informative Vs sales topics
  4. What is the frequency with which they post on each medium?
  5. Are they conducting live sessions?
  6. What is the tone of their content?
  7. Do they invite audience feedback?

The answers to these questions will help you see what they are doing and whether you want to go the same route or stand out from them.

  1. Content Strategy:

The next step is to sit down as a team and figure out what your strategy is going to be. What do you want to use your social media for? Do you want to use it to show your online presence? Do you want to use it to engage with the audience? Is it a selling medium for you? Are you using it for brand awareness?

This unified message will help you understand the kind of content and theme you want to follow on social media. For example, you can focus more on product images and benefits in posts if the goal is to sell directly through social media.

  1. Holidays:

National and religious holidays are a huge part of your social calendar. You can simply open up the year’s calendar and plan around these. You can mark days leading up to these occasions and run specific campaigns, discounts, or simple messages in a timely manner. These holidays matter to the public and provide the business a chance to connect with their audience at a human level. These will fill up a considerable part of your calendar and give you time to plan for your business’s message to these occasions.

  1. Campaigns:

Planned campaigns are a great way to make sure your social media is updated and the audience develops a good habit of expecting a certain message from you on a certain day of the week. Good SEO packages in Pakistan will include campaign development and management. These include ideas like “question of the week” or “tip of the week” etc.

  1. Industry updates:

The best way to ensure you have a tailored social media to your business is to make sure you are up-to-date with the industry trends and adding value to them. You can have a running blog or use notes features on some social mediums to pen down your thoughts on the innovations and changes in your own industry. This will help you emerge as a thought leader in the industry and someone the audience want to hear from.

Managing social media is a science in its own. Each medium has a personality that you need to cater to. You will need to decide what frequency you want to go with on each medium. You will need to make sure a consistent design aesthetic is being used across all mediums. You will also need to ensure that all-important updates are being posted on time.

In addition to all this, including stories in your calendar is a good idea because Facebook and Instagram stories are a great way to drive traffic to the actual posts. Remember, consistency is the key to successful social media.

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