How to File Zero Income Tax Return Online

It’s tax time!

If you’re like many Americans, filing your taxes is an irritating task; but there are several things that you can do to make the process as painless as possible. One of those methods is learning how to file a zero income tax return online.

Yes, it’s true – some people have no taxable income at all and not only don’t pay federal income tax, but their state income taxed also turn out to be zeros! If this sounds too good to be true for you, don’t worry – it probably isn’t.

For purposes of this article, we’ll assume that you have no children or dependents and that neither you nor your spouse claimed any credits such as the Earned Income Credit or Child Tax Credit.

We’ll also assume that you’re not a resident of one of the states with no income tax such as Florida, Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, and Texas. With those disclaimers out of the way, here’s how to file zero income tax return online!

What You Will Need

It’s time to begin. Before you can file a zero income tax return online, you’ll need to gather several things:

  1. Your W-2 forms
  2. Your 1040
  3. Your most recent pay stub
  4. A copy of your state income tax refund

Once you have those things in order, you can move on to the next step of filing your zero income tax return online.

Start Early

If possible, try to start gathering everything that you will need about two months before your tax day. This should be enough time to find out whether or not you’ll need to file a state return and gather the necessary information from any sources such as banks, employers, etc.

Know Your Income

Gathering all of this information is easy if you don’t have taxable income; but what about people who do? If you’ve got some money tucked away in investments, you probably have something on which to pay taxes – so how do you eliminate that without getting yourself into trouble?

The IRS has special rules for these circumstances which are designed specifically for military members who might receive HA/DR benefits as well as Federal civil employees who are stationed outside of the United States. Once you’ve determined the amount of your income, subtract any expenses that might have been necessary to earn that money.

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Know Your Deductions

The next step in filing a zero income tax return online is claiming deductions. In order to claim these, however, you need to know if they’re considered “above-the-line” or “below-the-line” deductions. Above-the-line deductions are those which can be claimed without itemizing on Schedule A; this list includes loan interest, contributions to a traditional IRA, alimony paid, and student loan interest.

The easiest way to find all of your above-the-line deductions is by looking at the last line of your W-2 form; if there’s any information about “adjustments” or “other additions” towards the end of the document, that’s what it’s referring to.

How to File Zero Income Tax Return Online

Getting the right information about how to file zero income tax return online can be challenging. We hope that this blog post has helped you find some tips and tricks for how to file a zero income tax return online. If we missed anything, make sure to comment below or check out our blog for more help filing a tax return.


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