How to get rid of a pest infestation at home

With the myriad of pest types around Wood Green in London that can put your property at risk, it’s important to have a few hacks up your sleeve. There are a number of pest removal solutions that you can try in the area. You can even use natural ingredients or homemade solutions. However, it’s important to note that a rodent infestation, a bed bug infestation, an ant infestation or other pests like bees, termites, and fleas are extremely difficult to get rid of.

The problem is that even when you manage to get rid of the adult pests, chances are that the reproduction cycle has already begun and there are eggs, nymphs or larvae around your Wood Green property. Most homemade pest control methods are not efficient enough to tackle pests in each phase of their life cycle. This is why it’s best to rely on professional pest control in Wood Green to inspect, treat the infestation, and offer post-care for your home in London.

Let’s see what methods you can try yourself to help halt or stop different types of infestations in their early stages. 

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How to treat pest infestations by yourself 


Ants are naturally repelled by cinnamon, which makes this common household ingredient a perfect solution for an ant infestation. Once inhaled by the ant, cinnamon causes suffocation and death. This is only possible if you use cinnamon powder. However, you can also use cinnamon sticks to keep the ants away from a certain area but keep in mind that they’ll still be active around the house. 


Cockroaches have a tough protective shell surrounding their body, which makes them not so easy to get rid of. When eliminating roaches from your Wood Green property, the best way to do it is by using boric acid. All you have to do is create a mixture using equal parts of boric acid, sugar, and flour. You’ll be able to create a dough-like substance from these three ingredients. Form it into balls and place them around the house. Cockroaches will be tempted to feed on the dough because they will be attracted to the sugar and the boric acid will lead to a quick death. 

Bed bugs 

Bed bugs are a real nuisance as they’re extremely small, remain hidden at all times, and strike at night while you’re sleeping. An effective home remedy is to use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Apply it directly on the bed bugs if you spot them or on areas that you feel they have access to. Alternatively, you can also use dryer sheets as the scents from them act as a repellent for insects. Exterminators from Wood Green share that even if they may not kill them, they’ll certainly push them off your bedroom.


Mice and rats are another common household pest in Wood Green that can cause enormous destruction. They can eat your electric cables, ruin your property, and contaminate your food. Mice and rats are sensitive to smells so you can try to naturally repel them using peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and cloves. You can create scented cotton balls and position them around your Wood Green home to make sure they don’t feel invited in. 


These are only a few of the tricks and hacks you can use in the fight against pests in a Wood Green property. When dealing with a pest infestation, try to use products and chemicals that are non-toxic and safe for humans and pets. Oftentimes, aggressive pesticides may also have long-term effects on your health so it’s advised that you leave them to professional exterminators. If you want to enjoy peace of mind that the pest infestation is gone for good, it’s advisable to get in touch with a reliable pest control exterminator who can provide an affordable and prompt solution in your local area.