How to start a blog and make money online?

What is a Blog?

A blog is normally a website which contains lots of information on any particular niche. Ideally, blogging websites will have tons of content which is published about a particular niche. In this decade, the word blogging is more trending among the youngsters as there are many easy ways to make money online. Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond, founder of ClickDo& SeekaHost has started his career with a blog.

Especially in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and in most of the Asian countries many people are into this niche and already earning more from these sources.The more interesting part about blogging is that if you are have more knowledge in any niche, then you can start a blog on the same and share the information.

Why you need to start a blog?

In the recent times, people started trying different methods to make money online. Internet usage is increasing day by day and the people started searching for all their needs in Google. Hence building an online asset like blog will help you get passive income in the years to come. If you are more passionate about writing, then don’t hesitate to start a blog. It will help you explore even more and build a popular online asset.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

If you are planning to start a new blog, then definitely you will the question “how much does it cost to start a blog”. To start a new blog, it will not cost you much. You need to pay for below things,

  • For Domain Name
  • For Web Hosting

These are the only two expenses which you will have while starting a new blog. Domain name may range from 8$ to 12$ per year based on the extension you choose and the cost for the web hosting may vary between 20$ to 30$ per year. So overall, you can start a blog for a cost around 10$ to 20$. You can get the domain name and hosting from the leading web hosting company SeekaHost at very affordable price.

How to make money online with a blog?

As the ideal goal of starting a blog is to share the knowledge to the online community and at the same time make money from blogging. Below are some of the different methods to make money online.

  • Blog Monetization
  • Guest Posting
  • Affiliate Marketing

Blog Monetization

If your blog receives tons of organic visitors from the Google search, then you can apply for the Google AdSense. Once your website is approved for Google AdSense, then Google will show custom ads on your website and you will get paid by Google based on the impressions and clicks that the ads receive from your website.

This is one of the very safest way to earn money from blogging. But to get approved for Google AdSense, your website should have good traffic from the reliable sources and at the same time, it should have the informative content for the users.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is done by the SEO experts to build high authority and powerful backlinks to the website. If you have a blog with good domain rating and traffic, then you can sell guest posts in your website and earn more money. Guest post and niche edit services are very important in SEO.

But while accepting guest posts, you should check whether the content is well written and relevant to your website. You should also look into the target websites which you are linking to. When you are selling guest posts from your website, you should make sure content and links are fine. If you are getting quality traffic to the website, you should make sure its properly protected and maintained for longer.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling the products or services which are owned by others and getting commission based on the per sale basis. This is a good method to earn more money in quick time if you plan the proper strategy. For example, you can create an affiliate account in Amazon and you will get the commission for each product that the user buys through your affiliate link.

If you are having a blog, then you can create and rank the webpages based on particular service or product.

So when the user searches for that particular product, they will land on your webpage and through that, they will visit the target business site. That is through your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is a very wide niche and you can make easy money if the strategy is right.

These are some of the smart ways to earn money from blogging. So if you are planning to do something to increase your passive income, then starting a new blog will be the best choice for you. And you can easily learn how to start a Blog.