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Social media has made its permanent place in our life in such a way that everybody keeps using it all the time. With this, we can now that how social media can affect our business. People on social media communicate with each other and follow popular personalities on it. They get all updates through it and follow all the trends and thus, it has a greater impact on us. Business setup in Dubai can also use and be active on social media to promote their business. This marketing strategy attracts the audience and makes them aware of your business.

When you are new to the world of social media and know nothing about digital marketing of your business setup in Dubai, you can opt for the best social media marketing company. They can help you understand all the marketing strategies used on social media and how you can create awareness about your business among the audience. 

Today, in this technological and digital era, it is important to establish your company online and connect with the audience digitally. Social media and generate high revenues. Audience from all over the world can be connected to your business setup in Dubai.

License Requirements

When you want to start a business in Dubai, the most important thing you require is a license which will be issued by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.  If a business owner/an entrepreneur do not have the license their business will be considered illegal. Social media platforms are under control of government officials in Dubai. This is done to avoid online frauds and business can be on a safe side.

When your business setup in Dubai is unlicensed, your company will be shut down. DED will also close your business social media accounts and your company will be fined with the amount of AED 500,000.

Process of Starting a Social Media Marketing Company

For your business setup in Dubai, you have to follow legal process. In Dubai, you get various opportunities to make your business successful. You will have various benefits such as large office space, visa availability, generating high revenues and many more. Following are the steps to start your social media marketing company.


The first thing you require is the license without which your company will not be considered as legal. You should apply for the license from the DED.

Government Authentication

Once you’re done with license application and registration, government authorities will verify your business and make sure that your business is legally authorized. You should also submit your passport and NOC copies of all the staff members.


You will have to get name reservation, approval, EJARI registration certificates along with contract of tenancy.


After the above steps, external departments will approve your social media marketing company and then your company can commence business activities.

With the help of above information, you can establish your social media marketing company with R A S Corporate Advisors. They give you excellent services for your business establishment and help you generate greater profits.