How to Unlock 4G Wingle, Cloud & Home WIFI Device

Do you have a prepaid and postpaid 4G device? If yes, then you must want to unlock it. Because you can’t use another network SIM in it without unlocking. Jazz has launched Jazz 4G cloud, Wingle, and Home Wifi device to provide fast internet on computers, mobiles, and tablets.

With Jazz’s new device, you can access the Internet using your Jazz Data SIM via Wi-Fi on your mobiles and computers. If the device is not unlocked then you will be able to use only Jazz data SIM. Customers can use Jazz internet packages of prepaid and postpaid after unlocking the device. In addition, you cannot use regular Jazz prepaid and postpaid SIMs cards in it. So, if you have this device, you should know about this unlocking method. Follow all my steps to unlock your Jazz 4G, Cloud, and home Wingle devices without paying something.

How to Unlock Jazz 4G Wingle, Cloud & Home WIFI Device

You can unlock these devices by going to the Jazz franchise or office. There are two easy methods to unlock your device. (1) You can go to the Jazz franchise or office and unlock your device by paying its fees. You will have to face some difficulties with this because the jazz staff will require some information like your CNIC, data SIM and warranty card. (2) You can unlock these devices by installing its unlocked firmware by using the below-given method.

Requirements to Unlock the Jazz Device

Complete these required things and then follow the below-given method. By unlocking the device you will lose your device warranty. You can also use the Jazz Data SIM packages after unlocking the device.

  1. You have to need a Computer/laptop
  2. Your Jazz 4G Device with USB cable
  3. Device drivers should be installed on your laptop and computer
  4. Your device firmware
  5. Other network SIM Card

1. Search the Firmware of your Device

You can find the firmware on your Google and can install it on your computer. after installing the firmware you can easily unlock your device of Jazz in a few seconds. Long press the reset button of your Jazz 4G device and attach it with your laptop or computer. The device menu will be open and you can check that it will ask PIN to unlock the device.

2. Hold the Reset Button to come in Boot menu

See the reset button of your device and then follow the next step.

To unlock the device connect it with your PC and laptop and press the long press reset button. It will come into the boot menu after the long press of the reset button and attaching it to your PC. After coming into the boot menu its blue led light will be changed into red light. If the red light is not on then try again this process and long-press the reset button.

3. Open Firmware Installer

Open the Boot named .exe file and run it in administrator mode. A screen will appear on your desktop where your device information will appear. In a few seconds, it will automatically open CMD as shown in screenshots.

CMD will open and it will ask to allow by replying it with Y. If your device is deducted then reply with Y to start the unlocking process. In a few minutes, it will unlock your device. Don’t press and plug out your Jazz device otherwise you will lose your device. It will never work and any SIM card will never work if this firmware installation failed.

You can now insert any company SIM card into this device and can use it. Jazz local SIM will work in it but its performance and internet speed will be slow. So, you can only use Telenor, Ufone & Zong SIM cards in it after unlocking. In the future, if you want to install its original firmware then you can go to its settings and then click on the update button. If any update will available, your device will automatically install it. You will be not able to use other networks’ SIM cards after uninstalling its firmware and installing its original update and firmware.

Unlock the Device by going to Jazz Office

You can unlock this device by going to the nearest Jazz franchise and office. The company will ask you to check the box of this device so that they can check the software in it and find out the PUM code of the device with the help of the serial number of the device. We can’t confirm the unlocking fee, but you can find out by calling the Jazz Helpline at 111.

I hope that your device will be unlocked by using my given method. I cannot provide its firmware because of our policy. You can find your device firmware by searching your device model on the search engines like Google search.

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