I Have Been Unlawfully Arrested – What Should I Do?

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Police have unprecedented power over the citizens and can take specific actions to prevent the crime from happening. However, the police may sometimes use this power irresponsibly and arrest someone without any reference or proof against you. Under this situation, you need to understand and protect your right, and a Las Vegas Civil Rights Attorney will help you do so.

An attorney knows the best legal procedure to help you fight for your rights. Moreover, it will eliminate the hassle of all the formalities and legal paperwork. 

What counts as Unlawful arrest?

The police cannot arrest someone without any evidence or stop someone based on some fraction of suspicion. The constitution of the United States mentions that the police must have strong enough evidence to prove that that person committed the crime before they arrest them.

If the cops arrest you and there is no probable cause of the crime and lack evidence of the crime you committed, it counts as an unlawful arrest, and your attorney can use it against the police. This may also lead to your case’s dismissal. 

Example of Unlawful Arrest.

If you are confused or suspect that you are a victim of unlawful arrest, you must consult your civil rights attorney. Your attorney will help you figure out your situation and help you with building a powerful defense. Here are some of the most common conditions of unlawful arrest:

  • Being forced by a police officer to confess a crime that you have not committed.
  • Being arrested just because you annoyed or argued with the police officer but did not break any law.
  • If a police officer is searching your car for no evident reason and putting handcuffs on you.
  • A situation where you have been handcuffed unlawfully to search your house without a warrant.

Other scenarios may include being forced by the police or threatened for no specific reason. That is why it is always better to consult your attorney to understand the act better before taking any action.

What to do if you have been unlawfully arrested?

If you have been unlawfully arrested, you must keep calm and speak to your civil rights attorney. Do not retaliate with the police by negating their order; this may worsen your case. Moreover, explain the entire situation about the arrest to your lawyer and find evidence that might help you. Post that, you must file a report to the OIPRD, also known as the Office of the Independent Police Review Director or police itself, about the unlawful arrest that has been made.