Is Graphene FX A Scam? No, A Legit Forex Broker

If you’re looking to find the answer of whether or not the Graphene FX is a scam, the answer is a big no! In 2012, Graphene FX began as a possible rival to the UK forex market, but has evolved into a major trading force with 12 years of serving traders around the world a quality forex experience. In such a short amount of time, this broker has witnessed a substantial growth in the number of clients to over 400,000, demonstrating the degree of attention and credibility it has earned. Establish a relationship with your clients. Graphene FX is a very well broker that provides traders with a wide array of products, including cheap pricing, a large number of tradeable products, and the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, which feature detailed research, creative trading methods, and comprehensive analysis. So, how Graphene FX is a legit broker and not a scam as portrayed by a couple of fake and misleading articles?

FCA Regulation

First and the foremost approval of Graphene’s legitimacy is its regulation under Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As required by the FCA consumer funds guidelines, the broker also strives to ensure that client assets are not mixed with capital resources. In the unlikely event that Graphene files for bankruptcy, funds in the main accounts of regulated banks protect customer funds. Additionally, these segregated assets are held in a variety of UK and European banks to spread risk. Graphene FX is a multinational forex broker licensed with two level 1 (high confidence), two level 2 (medium confidence) and zero level 3 (low confidence). Graphene FX is regulated by one of the largest and most trusted currency regulators in the world, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The overall success of a brokerage always depends on the technical services it offers, and Graphene FX has done the same thanks to its trustworthy approach.

Leverage Available at Graphene

If you’re keen on starting forex trading, Graphene FX is the ideal forex broker for you. Graphene FX ranked first in our Graphene FX test and had lower spreads than any of its competitors. Users have a fantastic opportunity to start forex trading with a spread like this as low as 0.1 and leverage up to 1: 2000, suggesting that you have a great way to make a profit in a short time and with processing speed. faster for market rate conversion. With 5 investment vehicles ranging from Forex to stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies and commodities, Graphene provides access to the world’s leading markets.

Research Instruments

Graphene FX is consistently recognized as the industry’s best research tool due to its comprehensive set of third-party and core sales forecasts. Weekly Insights, a comprehensive weekly journal and competitive analysis journal, including blogs and webcasts, is part of the Graphene FX analysis service.

Customer Support Service

Graphene FX provides the greatest customer support in the forex business without even a doubt. The Graphene customer support crew is without a doubt the finest we’ve seen at any hour, any day of the year, according to our Graphene FX review. Their dedication to the convenience of his customers is without a doubt unrivalled. They treat all clients the same, regardless of their financial resources. Customer service agents are highly knowledgeable individuals who can assist consumers no matter what the issue is or how long it will take to resolve it. Clients have always appreciated the agent’s interpersonal skills.


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