Latest Fashion Trends this winter

The biggest problem with winter dressing is that you often feel overdressed while fee cold if you underdressed. Warmth or pretty, seems to be an incompatible issue. In years past, winter wear has been straightforward, emphasizing either comfort and warmth or glittery party attire. While from 2020, the new winter fashion style is coming. Here’s what to write about, in addition to bulky down jacket, what methods can be mastered to make wearing light and warm, fashionable and skinny! And you can find following clothes in atomee beauty deals.

The outermost layer: Coat determines the chicness

(There are routines for the inside, but it is often the style of the coat and the overall matching color that determines the chicness).

If you want to keep warm, you must choose a coat with a certain windproof effect, and you can choose a heavier style that can hold down the wind, but it is more recommended to choose a wool and cashmere with a fine material, which is light and warm. It is also a good idea to use a coat that is made of wool, cashmere, lightweight and warm.

If you’re short and looking for a good waistline on the inside, you can choose a coat that goes a little above the knee. A shorter coat won’t feel like it’s pressing on your height. But the length must be below the hips, otherwise the proportions will not look good. If you want to wear a slimmer, lighter style underneath, you’ll feel more comfortable. Even if you choose wide-legged pants, you should also try to slim down your body to avoid getting too big all over.

Taller women can choose a mid-length style with a bit of a cinched waist or an overcoat with a belt to make the proportions look better. As long as the hemline is not too big, the lines are as sharp as possible, and you don’t go for a style that’s draggy and has a lot of ornaments, it’s easy to make the cut look more stylish. You can also use beret, newspaper boy hat, earrings, bags and other accessories to embellish wear, strengthen the style.

Middle Layer: Inner Layer Determines Warmth

When you wear sweaters and knitwear, don’t choose the thick knitting needle style. It’s cool, but it’s very airy, so it’s more suitable for fall, when it’s not that cold yet. A style with tighter stitches is warmer and looks lighter. Wool and cashmere are more effective in keeping you warm, but they are very warm, even though they are thin.

Innermost layer: warm and breathable

In terms of elasticity, a little tighter thermal underwear insulation effect is better, but not too tight. Do not have the feeling of strangling the body.

As for the material, now many thermal underwear inner layer has padding, which are polyester. Although increasing the thickness can keep warm, but the ventilation is not too good. Once the sweat, insulation performance will be significantly reduced, you will feel the inner layer wet and cold. Therefore, select the inner layer of thermal underwear, not necessarily particularly warm, breathability is also a very important indicator. Can choose material thicker cotton, wool thermal underwear, insulation and breathability will be better, to maintain a balance. And if you don’t know how to choose the material, come to our beauty deals, we’ll provide you the best!