Marketing Can Provide Great Results For Any Size Business

The idea of marketing often gets put in the bad light, even though it is a vital component to the success of any business. Sales may not be as glamorous as they used to be, but they are no less important. The selling aspect, for example, overlaps a bit too closely with a “what exactly is marketing” definition, and marketing actually makes sound sense like Mad Men. But when digging deeper, I found out that in fact, marketing actually does overlap heavily with advertising. Marketing refers to any number of activities that a business takes to bring an audience to the business’s offering of goods or services. How can marketing affect spending money? Well, the ultimate objective is to increase sales, which can be accomplished by attracting new customers, keeping existing customers satisfied, or increasing the rate at which customers return to purchase more from the business.

Direct Marketing

One of the most common forms of marketing includes direct marketing or selling to customers in the community, on the phone, or on the internet. Direct marketing can take many forms, from the use of mass media (such as radio, television, etc.) to the more personal, such as handing out business cards. In order to succeed with this form of marketing, it is imperative that the marketing is done in such a way that is unobtrusive, but that still brings the prospects to the product or service being offered. This type of marketing is known as product development.

Product development usually involves some degree of advertising, but it is typically subtle. The product development firm then brings the prospect into an environment where they can actually experience the benefits of what is being offered. Many firms will work with a number of different kinds of media to advertise their client, including traditional advertising in newspapers, magazines, etc., but they also work actively on social media sites and other venues to promote the product development. The advantage of this strategy is that it allows the marketing firm to reach a broader base of potential customers, rather than simply one segment of the population.

Customer Orientation Marketing

This kind of marketing strategy focuses on addressing the immediate customer needs, as opposed to addressing the business as a whole. This can be useful for short-term business development strategies as well as long-term ones.

Digital Marketing Mix

A digital marketing mix is a combination of various types of traditional marketing techniques. It usually includes SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, blogging, and video marketing, to name a few. Most firms will focus only on one or two of these elements, using all of them as resources to drive traffic to their site. This strategy allows the company to focus on its customers, rather than concentrating on a specific niche market. If a firm decides to take this route, it is important to monitor the results of each element in order to determine what works best for their site.

Utilizing Social Media

In addition to online marketing strategies, another way to consider an effective marketing strategy is through social media marketing. Social media can help a business to connect with its customers in a more personal way, while also providing information about the products and services that they provide. In order to take advantage of social media, many companies must take an active interest in the social networking sites that they are involved in. Doing so can help a company to create a positive presence, which can help to increase consumer trust.

Focus On Customer Needs

While there are many ways to market a business, perhaps the most important consideration is to ensure that the marketing fits the customer’s needs. A digital marketing firm should provide its clients with tools that allow them to understand the customer’s needs and wants while helping to find a solution to those needs. One way to do this is to consider the customer’s demographic, education, purchasing power, and other information that can help with designing a marketing strategy that is highly targeted and highly effective. While many traditional marketing strategies have been streamlined to better fit the ever-changing landscape of the Internet, it is important for a business owner to be aware that this is changing as well, and it may be necessary for them to adapt their approach in order to remain competitive. By using a combination of traditional and digital marketing techniques, a business can stay ahead of the competition and ensure that they provide their customers with the products and services that they need.


Every business owner understands that they must maintain a strong presence in order to survive and thrive. However, the key to surviving in an increasingly competitive marketplace is to remain accessible and always offer something new and unique to a customer that keeps them coming back. A great way to do this is through the use of online marketing techniques, including social media marketing, and ensuring that the marketing fits the customer’s needs and expectations. A digital marketing firm can help to ensure that a business provides this all-important consistent presence.