Have you ever wondered what would be the present world if the N95 mask was not created? How were we going to fight against the disease that is killing people all around the world and talking lives irrespective of their social status! Well with the evolution of human beings there has been a revolution in science and the medical field too. You might have heard about this phrase that prevention is better than cure. Researchers came up with a preventive measure named N95 mask to save humanity from the prevailing deathly virus which affects the respiratory system.

Name Representation:

N95 carries a huge sort of information just in its name. Every letter that represents the name has its meaning.

N represents the “Non-oil” information which means that it belongs to a non-oil class. If non-oil particles are present in the surroundings around you then you can use an N95 mask. N is for respiratory rating letter class.

95 represents that the working capability of the mask is 95%.


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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an N95 mask can filter 0.3-micron particle size. So any particles like dust and water droplets that are about 0.3 microns or greater than that won’t enter into your nasal cavity or mouth if you are wearing an N95 mask. These parameters emphasize the efficiency of the N95 mask and the reason why the N95 mask is most popular in the present pandemic times.

N95 masks are special masks whose function is to filter airborne particles that probable may be coronavirus. These are mechanical filter respirators that protect against the particles but not the gases or the vapors. Unlike different surgical masks, they are designed to fit on our faces with a specific shape. The edges of the mask are designed to seal our nose and mouth with metal strips in it. These masks are disposable and should not be used again and again.

N95 masks are tested for various parameters to save humanity which includes its fluid resistance, its filtration efficiency for both particles and bacteria whose size is much larger than the virus, biocompatibility, and flammability.


Now just let us explore the materials that make the N95 mask a superhero. We waste a lot of plastic all around the year but have you thought that the material from which your plastic bottle or synthetic shirt is made would be the same to manufacture a mask that has saved many people. Yes, it’s true because these masks are made from synthetic plastic fiber. The nose form of the mask is made from polyurethane, the nose clip is made from aluminum, the filter and the valves are made from polypropylene and the valve diaphragm is made from polyisoprene. Polypropylene is the basic plastic content that the manufacturers make from fossil fuels like oil. This propylene material is often given an electrostatic charge that enhances the filtering capacity of the mask and makes it much more effective. The mask also consists of some steel staples and aluminum material to make the mask shape fit for the nose by bending. N95 mask can be made from any material that fulfills the filtration requirement so plastic is not a necessity.


So you can say that N95 masks are one of the most famous masks of 2020 throughout the world. But at the same time, many companies have started to sell masks named N95 that are not N95 and have filtration issues putting human life at a risk. Always remember an original N95 mask has the ‘NIOSH” logo on it or is marked with text NIOSH on it. The filter class is also mentioned along with the TC approval number on an authentic mask. And that approval number must be present on NIOSH Certificated equipment list (CEL) or the NIOSH page and must also have headbands.

N95 masks are the best sellers of this year used by the professionals as well as by the locals due to their amazing filtering capabilities through which the word 95 outshines. People should use this mask as a preventive measure while going to important gatherings so they can not only save them but also the other people in the crowd.