Why Social WiFi Marketing Is the Most Economical Advertising Solution

Organizations have been trying every way possible to enhance their sales. In this regard, technology is helping them a lot. The latest innovation in the field of technology came in the form of a WiFi marketing solution. All the brick-and-mortar companies are transforming their existing guest WiFi to this new marketing tool. Statistics have revealed that businesses that have already adopted this change and have installed social WiFi marketing tools in their venues are attracting a lot more customers than those who are still confused about this technology.

People are always in search of finding effective yet economical ways of advertising and marketing their businesses. WiFi marketing tool is very effective and you don’t have to invest a lot in setting this advertising solution in your offline business. Businesses offer free WiFi to their customers and when a customer tries to log in with their WiFi, he encounters a WiFi landing page where he is required to provide some data for browsing.

Plus, the captive portal tool captures that data to store it in the customer information database. This data is then used by the WiFi provider for the purpose of remarketing. And doing this, not only results in better business-customer relations but improves their sales too. If you wish to learn more, about this high-tech marketing tool, continue reading!

Social WiFi Marketing: An Introduction

It refers to offline businesses using a guest WiFi landing page to allow customers to log in to their WiFi with social media credentials. Customer data is then collected such as names, emails, phone numbers, demographics, and their behavior in the venue. This data is then aggregated into a database in the form of customer profiles to be used for re-marketing. In this case, the captive portal tool fetches all customer’s data.

This process is also known as WiFi marketing. Customers can easily access the Internet by using social login such as Facebook. Entering information on the WiFi landing point can be a bit busy for shoppers who don’t have enough time. You can also collect specific customer information and add it to your customer profile if your social media account settings allow it. the information like Birthday, gender, account number, or email address.

Once you have collected this information, you can start re-marketing to them with coupons, offers, and incentives that ultimately drive customer loyalty, and maximize your revenue per customer. Also, studies show that businesses that are using WiFi marketing tools have more foot traffic, the length of customer visits, and the amount of money they spend.

Here are some important benefits of social WiFi:

  • It Cut-Down Extra Cost

Unlike traditional advertising, where you have to spend a big sum of money for marketing, social WiFi does it very economically. When a customer connects with your WiFi, you can advertise your products by sending push notifications.

Furthermore, you can use geofencing to send relevant marketing messages to your customers. The information, like emails, phone numbers, and social media accounts can also be used to advertise your products once customers leave your premises. This method attracts more customers and increases your sales.

  •  Gives Information About Customer

At a basic level, social WiFi helps you in fetching customer names, emails, and phone numbers. This is not all, it can also show you so much more. You can check your customer behavior too. You can analyze when each customer visited your store, how often they visit, and see if they’ve visited more than one location.

Additionally, some advanced software may also allow you to track their foot traffic as well as send push notifications with exclusive offers based on where they’re standing in your store.  The system uses geofencing to do the job of push messaging. Also, the WiFi marketing software allows you to impose time limits so that customers must add additional information. Plus, follow you on social media to continue using your free WiFi.

  • It Improves Your Sales

Everyone wants to stay connected all the time with the rest of the world through his phone. And for doing this, people need an internet connection. Mobile data is not a good option when cellular companies are charging you heavily for each MB you use. Free WiFi is a perk that every customer wants in a business venue he goes to.

These WiFi tools help businesses in engaging their customers for longer. Plus, when they stay in your place for more time, they will ultimately spend more. Hence, social WiFi marketing improves your sales and as a result, your business will grow.