sociaSimplifying Video Production without Sacrificing ROI

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If you want to engage customers today, you need video content on your website.

These days, anyone can shoot video with a smartphone and upload it to YouTube or TikTok. But how can you create a high-quality video on a tight marketing budget? Here are some tips to help you simplify the production process while ensuring the highest return from your video investment.

Know your audience

Funnel mapping can help you identify your audience and your video goals. Once you can map where your viewers are located in the sales funnel, you can determine the style of video you should produce.

Thought leadership videos are ideal for reaching new prospects at the top of the sales funnel. Webinars and event marketing videos are useful for customers in the middle of the funnel. Demos and how-to videos offer added value to customers at the bottom of the funnel.

Consider all angles

There’s more to creating a video than pointing a camera and shooting. You have to plan for everything, from script development, filming and editing, to finally uploading your video to a platform where customers can see it. Producing a video in-house can be cheaper initially, but costs can add up if you don’t have the experience or equipment needed to create high-quality results. Hiring an outside production company may cost more upfront, but saves time and money in the end. The key is to hire professionals with a proven track record.

Measure your video success

Hollywood measures success at the box office. You should have clear video objectives and ways to measure your return on your video marketing investment. If you are using TikTok, you can buy TikTok views from socialprboss to get more eyes. Video analytics give you several useful metrics to determine your video’s success:

  • Track the play rate. Play rate lets you compare the percentage of people who accessed the video landing page with those who were compelled to click it open and watched it. This will tell you if your video content is relevant to customers.
  • Find out who is watching: Many video players can match viewers IP addresses with email addresses in your database. You can also create gated video content to gather better quality data, which can be shared with your sales team to nurture leads.
  • Measure engagement: Bounce rate and other metrics can tell you how long viewers are spending watching your video. Do they open the video and then exit quickly? Or do they fast-forward and watch one part in particular? If so, decide what makes that part so engaging.
  • Encourage sharing: You can easily see if your audience is sharing your video or taking the time to comment. You can also increase sharing (and measure results) by adding a call to action at the end of your video.

Increase your ROI

Now that you’ve collected your video metrics, here are some additional ways to get more insights and value out of your video investment.

  • Split test video content: Create two versions of your video and conduct an A/B test to see what resonates with audiences. For instance, a hard sell versus a soft-sell approach.
  • Gated video content: Ask viewers to register with you to access video content. Then test different CTA’s and track activity within your CRM software.
  • B-roll: Whenever you have unexpected downtime during a video shoot, take extra footage of people using your product. Extra B-roll might be useful later when you’re editing the video or creating a split test video. 
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