Things to Score High In Enabling Skills

There are 6 enabling skills that we have in our PTE Academic Exam which as a result affects the score. The following is the list of the skills along with tips to improve them in the course of the PTE preparation.

  1. Grammar
  • Do read newspapers, articles, books, and magazines
  • The skill declares the correct usage of the English language, sentence formation, and its complexity to frame the sentences.
  • Accordingly pay attention to the sentence formation, a sequence of words, punctuation marks, i.e., commas, and semi-colons, etc.
  1. Oral fluency
  • It refers to the smooth and the natural pace in the delivery of the speech
  • The words should be spoken at a normal pace that is neither too fast nor too slow.
  • Do take short pauses between sentences or between meaningful chunks of ideas.
  • Replace the filler sounds like “aah,” “Uhm”, “you know,” “okay,” “I mean,” etc. with meaningful words like “Moreover,” “Besides,” “Besides.”
  1. Written Discourse

The skill is exhibited in the way form of written text, its coherence, and the linguistic and the lexical resources that can be used.

Moreover for the speaking and writing sections, the content too works as an enabling skill and thus identifies the precision with which one has formulated the response and the type of content used either in the spoken or written answer.

  1. Pronunciation

Expressing the speech of all the words and the ability to pronounce them understandably is referred to as pronunciation.

  1. Spelling

It is basically the degree of accuracy to spell each word gently as well as correctly.

  1. Vocabulary

Try to learn 5-10 new words everyday

  • Maintain list by yourself of new words. Along with this keep adding to that such found new words to that list too.
  • A skill that judges the appropriate ratio of choosing the words expresses the meaning of the thoughts.
  • Do listen to English news, podcasts, online videos, etc.

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On the other hand too we have certain tips to improve and get highlighted over incorrect words in PTE:-

Prepare for different accents, speaking speeds. One can achieve it by practicing with variety of sample questions.

Start practicing in the backdrop of a slightly noisy environment. Such as an ambience will be like the test environment which will provide the experience.

Even if one misses hearing a few words, don’t stop. Keep on moving the cursor along with the audio.

Select/highlight incorrect words only when sure.

Once the audio ends, avoid changing the highlighted words until get assured that have made an error.

Don’t make notes for this particular task as it will not be helpful. Just follow the transcript with the cursor as audio plays and do pay attention.

A single click is just enough to get highlight the words. Avoid wasting time by clicking repeatedly.

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  • Keep your cursor ready

Make sure that the cursor is at the beginning of the transcript and the hand is on the mouse, ready to move the cursor. As soon as the audio begins, the hand upon the cursor should be to each subsequent word in the transcript. When found hearing a word that is different from what is written in the transcript, click on it. Don’t think too much don’t stop to verify the answer. And if done, will miss out on the audio.

  • Keep moving

The foremost goal should be to follow the audio. If are unable to understand a word or suddenly find that the audio has moved ahead while still looking at an earlier world, quickly jump to where the audio is. If being lagging behind, this will miss out on everything.

  • Don’t click randomly

If not sure about the correct answered choice, don’t click on the word. Don’t go on a random clicking.

  • Practice, practice, practice

Reading while listening is a different skill alternatively from either reading or listening. Most people forget this point. Always make sure for the practice of reading while listening at the same time.

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