Tibet tour from Kathmandu

There was a time when traveling to Tibet is one of the hardest tasks for foreign tourists. It is still not at all an easy task to create a plane of Tibet tour from Kathmandu. According to the written agreement between Nepal and china administration, foreign visitors should attain the visa of China in Kathmandu. If they want to have Tibet tour from Kathmandu, it does not matter if they already have a visa for their home country or not. Usually, it takes at least three days.

For the tour from Tibet to Kathmandu we left Kathmandu in the early calm winter morning and we were far from Kathmandu as the sun rose. Lush green valleys, a long way of hillsides, and lonely villages are there meanwhile the view of snow-capped Himalaya hypnotizing us, a horizon we have to crisscross to get to Lhasa. It does not matter which way you choose for touring Tibet from Kathmandu, it is always necessary to get permission for entry in Tibet through tickets/ visas and travel passes.

Marvelous world:

We left Nepal behind and entered in lean dirt road towards the heights of the Tibetan Plateau. We crawl higher and higher and entered the remote area of southern Tibet. The moment we betwixt by the icy snow-covered mountains we experience truly breathtaking landscape and different world. Traveling with good friends and good company makes your journey special it helps to get rid of boredom and will make you able to learn new languages and traditions so it is the best option to travelling by land from khatmandu to Lhasa.

Instead of covering too much area in one day, we prefer to enjoy the landscapes, conversation with local people, and feel the real beauty of Tibet by ourselves. Gyantse, Shigatse, Larjung, and Lao Tingri are breathtaking monasteries and truly represent the beauty of Buddhist culture. Forts and monasteries of towns are still magnificent which indicates the richness of architureI culture. On the land trip from Khatmandu to Lhasa, you must enjoy the beauty of these monasteries, see the kitchens visit their halls, listen to the monk chants, burning lamps and gold plated statues. Before reaching our destination Kathmandu to Lhasa we processed and view splendid Druk Tso (Lake) its waterfalls catch the light of the blue sky.

We looked down to the lake from the height of 5500 meters and found another valley that hosts us in Lhasa. This is the best place to ride yak. Lhasa itself is a monumental city so usually, visitors end the tour over there. If you have time to wander The Potala Palace, Jhokart, and Bharkor Square are all must visit. Usually, it is not included in the trip so Kathmandu to Lhasa tour end over there.So hold the window seat so that you can feast your eyes by watching Himalayan snow-covered mountains.

Airline deals:

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. This ancient city is a famous place for tourist’s splendid weather historical sites. It is also the city that offers an international flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu. Nowadays there is only one direct flight connecting Lhasa and Kathmandu daily which is run by Air China and Sichuan Airline. There are also some joining flights linking Lhasa and Kathmandu, with a stay in Chongqing, Kunming, or Chengdu.


Visiting Tibet in the wintertime can be a diverse experience than touring at other times. Spring and autumn can be the best time for Tibet tour. Spring season comes late, usually start from April to May. On the other hand, the autumn season is also especially short, starting from September and end in October. During these two seasons you can enjoy less rainfall and pleasant weather and these months are the best time for Tibet tour.

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