Top 10 cities for Accounting Firms in the U.S.

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You will have to look out for different factors when choosing the top cities for accountants. For this, you need to analyze the cost of living, average salary, opportunities for jobs, accounting jobs available in the market, and more. If you are also an accountant and are looking for a career in the U.S., we have listed some top cities where you can look for some decent accounting jobs. Keeping all the factors in mind, we have come up with this list. So, without any delay, let’s begin with the list.

Top 10 Cities for Accounting Firms in the U.S.

We have listed all the cities based on the latest figures provided by BLS. Check out the complete list of cities below.

1.       New York

There is no doubt why New York is on Top. The big four accounting firms are located in this never-sleeping city. The top 4 Accounting firms in NYC are Pwc, Ernst and Young, Deloitte, KPMG. You will find many happening places for brunch, indie bands that you are not aware of, or even hipsters. CPA salary NYC is averaged to 93,480$, which is excellent and can be more if you have the relevant experience in the field.

At Present Accountants: 71,070

Annual Salary: 93,480$ (Averaged)

2.       Los Angeles

There is nothing to be shocked about that Los Angeles has got most accountants on the second number. This is one of the big cities in the U.S., having a lot of accounting firms. But, if you are taking a job in Los Angeles, you need to make sure that you have a car because you will be spending more of your time in the car only.

At Present Accountants: 43,490

Annual Salary: 78,090$ (Averaged)

3.       Washington D.C

Now, if the high salary is your priority, Washington D.C is where we recommend you look for a job. This place offers the second-best salary to the accountants. Other than this, you may not find any tall buildings in this city, but you will surely get a lot of cultural events that you can be a part of. So, we surely recommend this place if you have an eye for culture and need a good salary.

At Present Accountants: 35,350

Annual Salary: 84,910$ (Averaged)

4.       Chicago

If you are looking for an active life and a high standard of living, this place is what you need. It offers you a lot of ways to spend your money on something happening. But, also with the salary of a CPA, you can surely enjoy what this city has to offer to you.

At Present Accountants: 31,340

Annual Salary: 74,460$ (Averaged)

5.       Houston

Houston is no more about the old money, oil, or BBQ joints. Many big accounting firms have now opened their franchises in Houston. Other than this, you may also see that different small accounting firms have also started migrating to this place. When it comes to the cost of living, the cost of living here is reasonable. So, if you have an eye for culture and want to raise a family, this place is worth it.

At Present Accountants: 29,650

Annual Salary: 80,590$ (Averaged)

6.       Phoenix

This is another fast-growing city out there. It is located next to New York City and offers many accounting opportunities for fresher and experienced people. The average CPA salary in this city is undoubtedly less than that of the CPA salary NYC, but, is still decent. The CPA salary is averaged to 7500$ approximately. Because of the development in the city and all the accounting firms present, the need for accountants is never reduced.

At Present Accountants: 50000

Annual Salary: 75,8000$ (Averaged)

7.       Denver

Now, the next one on the list is Denver. This city’s economy has been growing at a good pace in recent years, especially when we talk about the education sector. Besides, getting a job in this city is more accessible than others as there is less competition. Not only accountants, but you are also going to get a lot of job opportunities for other professions. There are different outside activities that you can take part in and will make you happy.

At Present Accountants: 31000

Annual Salary: 69,800$ (Averaged)

8.       Dalla-Fort

If you a fan of food, this place is heaven for you. This place has the best food places in the whole state. Though at present accountants are fewer, job opportunities are excellent.

At Present Accountants: 25,300

Annual Salary: 77,100$ (Averaged)

9.       Atlanta

This place has a lower cost of living and still has a lot to offer to its people. Many accountants like to relocate to this place because of the lower cost of living, enough jobs, and good houses. Because of these growing job opportunities, this place is undoubtedly the favorite of all accountants.

At Present Accountants: 28,460

Annual Salary: 76,040$ (Averaged)

10.   Boston

The last one on our list is Boston. Because of all the banking sectors available and healthcare companies, it generates enough jobs for accountants. But, if you do not like winters, you are not going to like this place either.

At Present Accountants: 22,150

Annual Salary: 79,630$ (Averaged)

Winding Up

There are different benefits of each city. You can choose based on your priority. You may need a high salary or can compromise with the cost of living, and the choice depends on your requirements. We hope that this has helped you.

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