Top 4 Benefits of a DevOps Strategy

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What is devops

Many IT service development and operation automation solution providers are showing interest in DevOps.
DevOps is an approach that enables development, test, and operations teams. It meets the current business requirements of consistently delivering software. It provides services by organizing the interaction of these groups.

This definition was formulated last fall, when the company began to structure its DevOps activities. It is one of the most successful. It introduces the three main participants in the process – the development, testing and operation departments. It explains the essence of the process. It makes the implementation of business requirements for the constant release of software and services. It sets a method for how to do this – through the interaction of all parties.
High functionality

With DevOps, the IT department gets a real opportunity to become more agile. it becomes efficient and to implement new functionality much faster. For large corporate IT organizations, this is a major paradigm shift that cannot be painless and is often rejected. But the most mature IT departments are actively moving towards DevOps. Today, the most enthusiastic discussion of the application of the new concept is banks, which, as always, are at the forefront of IT innovation. In the financial services market, competition has long gone beyond the banal interest on loans. Now the ability to offer modern complex products and constantly update them, anticipating the needs of the customer and offering what he really needs is a condition of success. Technological excellence becomes crucial for a bank to gain a competitive advantage.

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding the customer need for DevOps and having a set of software solutions to implement this concept, it’s possible to solve a lot of tasks. It is constantly developing a portfolio of products and services to most effectively support devops development services.
DevOps methodology is especially relevant for those companies that provide a large number of services to end users.
DevOps, like ITSM, is one aspect of the IT4IT architecture. It is very valuable that customers play a leading role in its development and it provides high speed.


Agile first appeared as a principle of effective and efficient software development. The business received transparency in the work of the product team. It gets the ability to make changes to the requirements for the product. The speed of withdrawal of functionality to the client remained at the same level. A conflict arose at the junction of the work of the cloud application development.

DevOps has three building blocks – processes, people, technology, and human error. The last one is the main issue for organizations deciding to embark on the DevOps journey. It is possible to install DevOps processes and technologies. But without a restructuring of consciousness, this will not work. The emergence of the concept of DevOps is due to the proliferation of agile approaches to development. It requires appropriate agility in making changes during the operational phase.

If the creation of a test environment takes from a month to six months, then all the advantages of rapid development are leveled. Solutions are needed to establish end-to-end DevOps processes. In their absence, the development results have to be submitted for testing. There can be many environments and types of testing), and then also put the product into operation.

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