Top 5 Best VPN For Windows 2021

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Windows is a popular operating system that is used all over the world. Because of its ubiquity, it is the preferred operating system of hackers, and as a result, it has several weaknesses that necessitate an additional layer of security.

A VPN for Windows is required for this, and there are several options to select from.

A VPN is not an antivirus system, but it may help prevent a cybercriminal from gaining access to your Windows computer by masking the device’s IP address so that it can’t see what you’re doing on the Internet and can’t track you down.

Other VPN features include the ability to discreetly download torrent files and unblock libraries on sites like Netflix and Prime Video. If you want to use a VPN on your computer, the following are the top VPNs for Windows that are currently available:


iTop VPN

iTop VPN, which is available for Windows, Android, and iOS, offers a private Internet connection with military-grade protection.

Because your IP address is masked and your network communication is encrypted, hackers cannot track your location, identity, or activity. If your VPN connection is lost, iTop VPN’s automated Kill Switch can function as a safety net. You’ll never have to be concerned about your personal information or sensitive information being compromised.

iTop is a free VPN that is both fast and safe. With 1800+ servers in 100+ countries, iTop VPN allows you to connect up to 5 devices at once. A 7-day free trial is available.

iTop VPN also improves privacy protection by automatically detecting and removing any potentially hazardous or misleading flaws. To protect your privacy even further, you may use its Browser Privacy and Ads Block features. When you visit the web, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other browsers will automatically delete browser traces, as well as prevent advertising and dangerous sites.

Further, Are you familiar with VPS? The VPS full form is Virtual Private Server. Actually, VPS is a virtual space on the internet where you can save your files and data and make them secure.

Surfshark VPN

This best free VPN for Windows has an unlimited number of simultaneous connections and has a reasonable price. Its intriguing “camouflage” mode allows you to utilize it from places where Internet material is censored.

It’s ideal for Disney +, Netflix, and other streaming services, as well as torrenting. Surfshark VPN may be used on many devices with a single subscribed subscription. There are 3200 servers in over 65 countries to choose from.



It is regarded as one of the finest VPN services for Windows 10 laptops and desktops since it has the most advanced security features.

It has over 5500 servers in 59 countries and allows you to browse without limits through Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu’s library without slowing down your connection.

Both at home and when utilizing a public Wi-Fi network, this tool is quite handy. It has its own security mechanisms, including Double VPN.



This VPN service is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 and is ideal for unblocking streaming services and video games, as well as downloading torrents.

It has military-grade encryption and is very cost-effective. If you want to trial a VPN, it’s ideal because you may do so for free for seven days. Each contractual account allows you to create up to six distinct connections. Service with more than 150 servers spread across 62 countries.

Private Internet Access

This is a quality VPN for Windows that comes at a very low cost. Although the connection speed in Asia is slower, it is still quite fast throughout the rest of the world. It’s a service with 36,700 servers in 77 countries that allows users to register up to ten connections at once with a single account. Its interface is simple and clean, and you can use it to download torrents and view streaming services like Netflix without being tracked.

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