Top 6 Spray Tan Aftercare Tips To Protect Your Skin

Are you looking for ways to catch the eyes of everyone at a special event? If the answer is yes, a gorgeous tan can come to your aid! However, the job is not complete as soon as you walk out of the salon, as the next few days can make or break the day. 

  • Wear loose clothing: Minimize contact with your skin after getting your tan. Tight clothes are a no-no for the next few hours. If possible, avoid wearing innerwear. Try not to cross your legs and arms, or rub your skin too often – it will reduce the lifespan of your glow.


  • Avoid any kind of moisture for at least 4 hours after your tan: Yes, this includes sweating – along with showering, moisturizing, or working out. Avoid steam rooms or any kind of environment that makes you sweat. Also, steer clear of exfoliation till you are ready to bid adieu to your tan. 

  • Take your first post-tan shower the right way: As alluring as a long, warm shower may seem, don’t give into the temptation for at least 4 hours post spray tanning. However, make sure to not put off your shower for more than 24 hours. This shower would require some caution: do not use hot water, avoid scrubbing your body too much, and do not wet your hair for at least eight hours after the tan. It is preferable that you use warm water and gently pat your skin dry.  

  • Moisturize your skin with an oil-free, paraben-free moisturizer: Check that the moisturizer or cream you apply on your skin is devoid of oil and parabens. This applies to all kinds of tans – from a regular spray tan to an Airbrush glow to a UV tan. You can ask the professionals at your tanning salon about which one would work the best for you.

  • Use natural/organic products on your body for a few days: You do not want the glow to wear off your skin just in a couple of hours! Natural body washes are an ideal accompaniment to your warm showers. Say no to harsh chemicals and acids. This comprises swimming pools since they have chlorinated water. 
  • Follow instructions meticulously: Asking your salon to give you a personalized set of instructions to take proper aftercare is a sensible idea, as skin type varies from person to person. 

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The aftercare of your skin is as important for a flawless, long-lasting tan as its preparation. Even though it may look like tricky business, your stunning bronze glow is well within your reach. Just remember to follow the skincare instructions thoroughly! 

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