Top CBG Products you Should Try

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Cannabigerol or CBG is the lesser-known variant in the cannabinoid compounds, yet provides a wide array of benefits. Some of the benefits include reducing the growth of cancer cells and other tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, glaucoma, improving skin conditions, and relieving symptoms of anxiety. If you’re interested in trying this product, it’s vital to know the facts and the different variants of CBG products available in the market.

From CBG oil to CBG gummies and CBG slabs, there are several CBG products you ought to try. Here is everything you need to know about them:

How is CBG obtained?

CBG is made from a medicinal hemp plant. First, it is heated to break down its acidic form into neutral cannabinoids through a process called decarboxylation. This process ensures the maximum therapeutic value of CBG.

When hemp plants are fully grown and mature, they contain more CBD than CBG, which is typically less than 1% or less in mature plants. The low level of CBG means more plants are needed to extract CBG. 

However, with advanced technology and novel production methods, this limitation can be overseen by cross breeding different cannabis varieties. Besides, to acquire higher yields, the experts secure CBG in the form of CBG oil during the budding phase of the plants, as this is when it has the highest concentration of CBG.

Top CBG Products

CBG products have started to emerge in the market in recent times, and below are some products you can try:

CBG Oil and Tincture

CBG oil comes in an isolated form and is also often combined with CBD for its entourage effects of all cannabinoids in one formulation. Some of them also contain THC, a cannabinoid known to induce psychoactive effects; however, THC is found in trace amounts not more than 0.3%. This makes it legal and safe to consume CBG oil.

For best results, CBG oil comes in different flavors and is best taken sublingually or orally by placing a few drops under your tongue. It enables faster absorption in your system and gets to work quickly to provide you the desired results. It can also be sneaked into food and drinks or dabbed on your skin.

It’s best to consider a broad spectrum oil that is sourced locally. Ensure to carefully assess the ingredients of the oil or tincture to see if it is natural and safe. Also, determine the right dosage according to your requirements.

CBG Topicals

Apart from CBG oil, renowned sellers like Steve’s Goods also offer creams, salves, and lotions infused with CBG. These are most effective in treating skin conditions of inflammation, soreness, and irritation on your skin. It can be applied directly to the affected area and absorbed by the skin quickly. Along with CBG, these topical solutions can also contain other compounds such as herbs, base oil and more.

CBG Gummies

These chewable treats are another way to get your daily dose of CBG. It comes in exciting flavors and can be taken during the morning and night. Whether you need a quick booster to start your day or looking to unwind after a hectic day at work, you can rely on gummies to get you through.

These gummies mostly don’t contain CBD and contain CBG in its isolated or concentrated form that can serve as a powerful antidote for your stress and discomfort. Infused into delicious fruit-flavored gummies, CBG provides a great start to your day with improved focus and energy. If you are not used to having CBG oil sublingually or don’t like the taste of oils, you can try CBG gummies as they are easy to consume.

CBG Slab

Another effective way to reap the most benefits of CBG is to use a CBG slab and smoke or vape CBG into your wellness regimen. If you want to enjoy the full potency of CBG with no THC, no terpene, or no CBD concentrate, CBG slab can be your best option. 

Due to its solid texture, the CBG slab is easy to work with. All you need to do is break off a small chunk and use it to inhale it in your vaping device. It’s best to consume at a temperature not exceeding 400-degree Fahrenheit to achieve the best outcome. Although this method of consuming CBG may not be appealing to all, vaping is one of the fastest ways to experience the effects of CBG.

The future for CBG is bright. It is a potential natural medicine with tremendous healing power, without the side effects of traditional pharmaceutical drugs. CBG oil and other products can offer the best remedy for your overall health and wellness. Give some of the above CBG products a try and experience the effects for yourselves.