Trending animal print tshirts and sunglasses


Animal print clothes had always gain attention. Animal prints have always been trendy since a very long period. These prints shows refinement, style and adaptability. However, this fashion never gets fade and always rules the fashion industry and different sectors. Animal prints have become popular to be worn in parties such as coats, vlonetshirts, and tank tops, other men accessories and house hold furnishing items like textiles as well.

Animal printed clothing items are those that have animal patterns, their fur, and skin such as leopard, zebra, cheetah, tiger, hyena, giraffe, monkey or a dog. Animal graphics on clothes is still famous since many times and it has many reasons behind it.


History reveals that at first animal printed clothes were used to be very expensive and recognized as extraordinary. If we look back at the history, we found that kings and high class people use animal skin rugs. They used to display animal skins and their heads for medals, as the sign of high status in society and royalty. During old time, royal families used to wear coats that are manufactured from animal fur to make their selves elite class in a society.


Animal print is trendy fashion from many years. Many big brands like vlonevlothingand designers are designing their clothes based on animal prints. It has been played a big role by designers, celebrities and brands to bring out animal graphic outfits in fashion industry in past some decades. The consumer market is bulked up with the animal prints and these are loved by everyone and always remain evergreen fashion. Tiger stripped shirts and black, white spots are very trendy. Though, leopard print is always in trend and remain classy.

The best thing about animal prints is that they reinvent time and in every season they come up with different and a new style. These prints are always in fashion to be worn at any time, no matter what the season and weather it is. It is the mindset of a large number of population that these can only be wear alone by women but the truth is that fashion industry has introduced men garments vasef on animal prints as well. Animal graphic wears always grabs everyone’s attention. That is way it is crucial to dress up in proper manner.

Note: But the basic rule while you wear this orient is that, never wear this print from head to toe for a stylish and a sophisticated look.


Finding the perfect sunglasses that perfectly fits your face and suits you is a big challenge while enhance your style. Before the selection, you always need to understand your face cut and eye positioning. Because men’s accessories are fewer, they have ability to quickly change their all over look and personality.

Make sure the sunglasses you want to buy must keep your eyes safe from dirt, wind and light. Sunglasses gives you protection from sun beam during sports. Always try to wear the one that looks matches to your face shape, your personality, and boost your confidence level. While purchasing a sunglasses, try many pairs to make sure that the one you choose matches you perfectly.

For around face

Round has features like same width and length with fluffy features and round jaw lines. Glasses that are angular fits best to round shape faces.  Soft caramel and tortoiseshell are best colors. Thick framed glasses with board temples enlarge the width of round face. Round shape sunglasses never suits on this face cut.

For heart shape face

These faces have wide foreheads and pointed chin. For a thinner look, use light metaled and plastic material sunglasses like aviator or angular shaped glasses for a balanced chin. Resist dark shades such as black.

For oval face:

This shape of face is over all balanced. Aviators that are barely square looks good. Avoid wearing angular and rectangular shaped sunglasses because they makes your face look narrow.