Using a 360 Photo Booth at Your Event – What to Know

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A 360 photo booth captures the image of the person or people in it while spinning. Thus, it produces an all-around image, which means the result is more like a GIF than a static picture. That’s what differentiates it from the regular ones and gives it a higher demand. The booth includes a platform and an arm containing the camera.


It’s usually that arm that spins to capture the image of the person on the platform. In this age of media and new things, it’s something you must try. Many people are talking about it, and no one wants to miss out on the experience. That’s why some think it’s a revolutionary technology in the photo booth industry. We’ll see the other types and how they compare.

Evolution of Photo Booths

Originally, photo booths were kiosk-like setups containing the camera and film processor. It was similar to a payphone because people had to feed it with coins before getting their pictures taken. William Pope and Edward Poole filed the first patent for an automated photography device in 1988. However, the modern concept appeared in the mid-1920s.

The machine offered eight photos at 25cents, and the pictures took about ten minutes to process. It had various features like stickers and filters to give a customized look. Naturally, as people improved the design and came up with other types, the demand grew. They include the 3D photo booth, and eventually, this 360 design.

Ultimately, that led to the growth of the photo booth rental industry. That’s because people wanted it for their events as a fun activity for guests. Like a bouncy house, buying the machine would be impractical, hence the need to rent. Now the modern booths have other nifty features, including slow-motion videos, background removal, and virtual dressing.

The 180 Degree Booth

The 180-degree photo booth is key to the advent of the 360. Unlike the regular ones, it also results in a GIF and can take a more significant number of people. It may also produce a boomerang video, depending on the users’ preference and how they set it. People migrated to using this type because it’s modern and allows easy sharing to social media instead of the hard copy.

One thing about the regular one is that it usually takes only two people, unlike the 360 photo booth – Studio Z. That’s one reason why these new ones are taking over the market, especially for rentals. However, the 180-degree booth needs to have an excellent backdrop for fantastic results. The customers can then access them as MP4 or GIF and share them on social media.

The 360 Z Booth

The 360 Z booth has an elevated platform with studio-grade cameras that rotate at speeds that you can vary. It can take up to five guests at once and stand out because of its social media optimization. That makes it easier to add different special effects and features, depending on the client’s desires. Thus, it promotes a branded experience that’s unique for each person.

Advantages of the Booth

Like any other improved technological innovation, the 360 photo booth has advantages over the older ones. That even includes the 180-degree booth mentioned above. As discussed earlier, the camera spins and takes a 360-degree view of the person or people in the booth. Besides its uniqueness and the excitement surrounding it, there are other advantages.

  • Portability

The 360 Z Booth is lightweight and portable, and that makes it easy to transport around to whatever location you’re hosting your guests. That’s an essential feature because everyone desires efficiency, and it promotes that. Also, we have different sizes, so we can scale up or down for the type of event you’re having. Thus, regardless of whether your event is large or small, we have the booth for you.

  • Ease of Setting Up

Besides being easy to transport, this photo booth is also not difficult to set up. That’s because putting it together is simple and requires no particular skill or training. Hence, your regular staff can get it up and running within a few minutes. That makes a difference because it saves you the cost of hiring a technician or other professional to handle that.

  • Speed and Instant Sharing

The 360 Z booth has a fast process time compared to others of a similar type. The result for each session is usually ready under 15 seconds because of the features. It also has social media optimization, and therefore, allows guests to share immediately. In this age of instant connectivity, that’s essential because people want to share on the spot.

Events Where You Can Use It

The 360 photo booth camera has unique features and is all-inclusive. Therefore, the booth is an excellent addition to various events, whether corporate or informal social gatherings. That includes weddings, birthdays, and others. It works because pictures help to keep memories, and at the same time, you can use them to share on social media.

You can also use it for different organizational purposes, including product branding. That’s because the 360-degree photos present a uniquely engaging media experience for the clients. It’s also a fun activity for the young ones as it combines something they love with technology. In essence, you can use the photo booth almost anywhere.

Getting or Hiring a 360 Photo Booth

Various outfits have rental services like the Studio Z photo booths. Hiring them or getting to rent one of these equipment isn’t difficult. It only requires getting in touch with them through the available channels or platforms to make a request. However, it’s vital to be specific about what you want because there are different types.

Cost of Hire or Rental

Generally, the slow-motion photo booth cost is more than the regular ones. However, renting is always cost-effective when you book for more than one event. Nevertheless, whatever way you go about it, ensure that you lookout to get the best quality for your money. Thus, you can be sure that the services you get are worth the expenses.


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