What are the benefits of a Neck Support Collar?

Our working habits have changed drastically and we are paying a heavy price by inviting various health-related issues for the same. Hectic working hours, tight work appointments, sedentary lifestyles and poor sitting postures have led us to back and neck issues that don’t go away easily.

Using over the counter medicines might help you to some extent, but this is not the ideal solution. Using painkiller drugs might give you temporary relief, but you need to find an effective solution that also does not cause any side effects like painkillers. Severe neck pains are common among middle-aged professionals who sit the whole day in front of the computer.

If you are suffering from chronic or acute neck pain due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor sitting or sleeping postures, using a neck support collar or popularly known as a cervical collar or a neck brace, can help you relieve pain by completely stopping the neck movement.

If you suffer from neck sprains, strains, or traumatic head or neck injuries due to any reasons, you can wear the Neck Support Collar. However, to get the maximum benefit, you need to ensure that you wear it properly.

We have discussed some of the benefits of the neck support collar in this post. Stay tuned!

Give relief in neck pain 

The neck injuries are increasing across the globe due to changing working habits and poor sleeping and sitting postures. Most of the neck pains happen due to chronic strain, stress and repetitive neck injuries. It does not just annoy a person, it disturbs the daily routine too. If you experience neck pain, you need to consult a doctor and wear a neck support collar under his supervision. You need to ensure that you wear it properly or it will not function as expected. It will give instant relief from the pain and you will feel better. One option for you is having equipment for neck exercises. In this way, you will be able to add strength to your neck part which will benefit you in the future. Having a strong neck will help you endure stress around this area and feel less or get a lesser chance of feeling pain.

Traumatic Neck or Head Injuries

You don’t need to wear a neck support collar every time your neck hurts. Doctors recommend it when you have a very severe neck pain or injury. What does the neck support collar do?

It completely stabilizes the cervical area such as the spinal cord and skull. In addition to that, it also prevents the injury from spreading. It also prevents further damage to the spine and reduces your chances of suffering from paralysis if the injury is serious.

Helps in Recovery

If you have just completed the treatment for whiplash, traumatic head or neck or spinal injury, cervical collars can help you in recovering fast. It helps in releasing stress off the injured part. Even doctors ask their patients to keep wearing this neck support collar until they are fully recovered from the injury.

Therapeutic Usage and Remedy for Whiplash

When your neck injury is due to working habits and a sedentary lifestyle, Whiplash is the common neck problem. The main cause of Whiplash’s condition is the damage of the spinal tissues due to a traumatic injury in the cervical spine region. It is caused by hyperflexion or rotation injury. Using a neck support collar along with an advised exercise routine and physical therapy, you can get relief from Whiplash quickly.

Treats Cervical Radiculopathy

If you have symptoms such as a burning sensation, tingling, or numbness in the neck, there are chances that you have a health condition called cervical radiculopathy. The main causes of this health condition are tumours, disc herniation, spondylosis or other physical traumas which might cause nerve damage. Using a cervical collar is the best remedy for cervical radiculopathy. A pack of rest and some light exercises, along with wearing the neck support collar can help you recover from the condition quickly.


There are some great benefits a neck support collar offers. If you suffer even from mild neck pain to severe neck pain, wearing it will give you relief. However, it is not an alternative for a physician’s consultation. See your doctor and discuss your symptoms and medical condition to get proper treatment.

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