What can you do if the promo code doesn’t work?

You can try to follow the below tips on what you can do if the promo code stops working. When you find out how it operates, the following work will give you an idea of what to do next. Continue reading below for more information.

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If you’ve tried using your coupon or promotional code, but you do not see the discount, please follow these steps:

  1. Confirm promotion details for any exclusions or exceptions.
  2. Please ensure you are on the correct Zazzle site (.com.br, .com, .co. the UK) as specified in the promotion details. Promotions and Promo Codes are almost always unique to a particular website.
  3. Most Zazzle promotional offers cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts (including automatic volume discounts).
  4. Please ensure that the product is “Sold by Zazzle” and not by a third party.

When ordering multiple items within the same product category (e.g. clothing) you will receive a special quantity discount. Our system is designed to automatically detect and apply the best promotion (or the most significant discount).

In cases where a volume discount is applicable, the Zazzle cart detects whether the Promotional code you entered will result in a higher discount, thus applying the higher discount to your order. In cases like this, the best alternative for you is the discount as it is, as applying the promotion (instead of the volume discount) will probably be more expensive. Consider checking on online stores.


Some important notes about shipping promotions:

  1. Shipping “upgrade” promotions are promotions designed to change or reduce the price of shipping offered. You must select the service specified at checkout to take advantage of the promotion. For example, a promotion for an “upgrade” to Priority Shipping will present the Priority shipping option (on the shipping selection page at checkout) for the Standard Shipping price. It would be best if you chose the Priority Shipping option to take advantage of this special promotion. Free shipping promotions offer a specific type of shipping for free. You must select the appropriate shipping type for each package in your order. For example, a Free Standard Shipping promotion will feature the Standard shipping option (on the shipping selection page at checkout) for free. In this case, you need to choose the Standard Shipping option to take advantage of this special promotion. You have to consider some of the information that will assist you in various ways.
  2. In the two cases noted above, discounted shipping is not always chosen automatically. You must select the appropriate shipping type for each package in your order.
  3. If the shipping type in question does not appear as a selectable option, this shipping type is not available for shipping your merchandise. This may be due to promotion restrictions or limitations based on the type of product chosen. (See #5) and the shipping limitations specific to each Zazzle portal and the products you wish to order on GreenPromoCode.com.
  4. Almost all shipping promotions on Zazzle are subject to restrictions based on product type and quantity desired. See your promotion-specific legal information for more details.


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