What Is The Difference Between Sneakers And Running Shoes?

Sneakers and running shoes have become an indispensable part of our wardrobe today. Sometimes for sports, but in recent years also increasingly as a fashion item. There is no other way, because who wouldn’t want to wear comfortable shoes when walking in the city, to the office or to a party? After all, the only place where, perhaps, you shouldn’t put them on is the office, and even here options are possible. Such shoes in a basic form and iconic colors are sometimes acceptable at work. For example, on casual Friday, which is available in almost every company.

Moreover, there are so many models, types, colors, and brands that you have a very extensive choice. The only problem you run into is how to make a choice from the vast selection. Because today sneakers look more and more like running shoes and running shoes more and more like sneakers. The question of how to choose between sneakers and running shoes is relevant for any person because now there is at least one in everyone’s wardrobe.


A sneaker or sports shoe is a shoe that is primarily designed for sports. This also explains the flexible sole made of rubber or plastic. Examples of such shoes include basketball shoes, tennis shoes, elliptical trainers, and various other models worn for specific sports. Traditionally, sneakers are worn for sporty occasions, but now we know that a sneaker is always possible. Sneakers are a greater amount of style-like shoes that you would wear to spend time with companions, eating, or stroll around the city. The latest phenomenon that strikes on May 16, 2021, the AJ 1 Shadow 2.0 is one of the most perfect sneakers you will ever witness. It is perfect to wear anywhere due to its encapsulated air cushioning feature, unlike running shoes which are too tight and warm. 

Running shoes 

Running shoes are, as the name implies, designed for running. These are also made very differently than tennis shoes or basketball shoes, for example. Running requires much more cushioning and stability than running or other sports, and that is also incorporated in these shoes. The soles are also more often thicker than the soles of sneakers. A good running shoe, therefore, reduces the risk of injuries. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your running shoes for other occasions! No, we now know that running shoes have also become a trend as a fashion item. Running shoes are more for working out, and will in general be configuration to meet more dynamic requirements. Most running shoes can’t be worn to go out to an extravagant cafe, or beverages with companions.

If you want to purchase a sneaker or running shoe as a fashion item, it doesn’t really matter which choice you make. They can do both. Sneakers come in many brands and colors, so there is something for every woman. If you decide to walk, run, or exercise, it’s important to make sure your shoes feel comfortable and fit you. The right shoes will help you achieve your goals.