What Should You Be Wearing this Festival Season?

With the festival season almost upon us, many are scouring the internet to check out the latest trends and get some fashion inspiration. Festival season isn’t just a time for celebrations, but also a time to dress up and enjoy yourself. With online shopping, buying luxury designer clothing for any occasion has become a breeze.

Get Your Wardrobe Festive Ready

Though you may prefer your western outfits for daily life, most like to let their traditional side shine for festivities. However, some people like to stick to modern ethnic wear for women as they tend not to wear traditional outfits in their daily lives. Therefore, when looking at trends online, try to think if they are versatile enough. Can you mix-and-match your wardrobe items to your heart’s content?

The Flowy Maxi Dress

You may have noticed that maxi dresses have been everywhere recently, and we aren’t complaining one bit. They’re comfortable yet stylish and can be easily dressed up (or down) when you prefer them. Perfect for a festival or an evening party, maxi dresses aren’t going to die out any time soon. So, if you’re looking to extend the life of your wardrobe, try them on!

Jackets and Palazzo

How about something dressy yet classy at the same time? Palazzo and embroidered jackets are the perfect examples of Indo-western fashion. Long jackets are all the rage now, so if you’re thinking of buying luxury designer clothing, don’t hesitate to look at the jackets they have in store. For a festive edit to your wardrobe, go for embroidered jackets and add some sparkle to your look.

Long Skirt with Tops

Thought that the long skirt trend was long over? Well, thanks to the resurgence of Y2K fashion, you’ll be seeing a lot more celebs and influencers pairing their ethnic long skirts with casual tops for an Indo-western look. So, if you’ve been dying to chuck out your skinny jeans for something comfier, this is right up your alley.

Palazzo Sets

Nothing else screams modern ethnic wear for women than a palazzo sets. Combining the grandeur of a jacket with the comfort of a palazzo, the Palazzo set is a perfect chic for women on the go. This outfit idea is perfect for festivals where you need to bring, you’re a game and ideal for other occasions.

Sharara Sets

Glamorous, chic, and comfortable, Sharara sets are perfect when you want to dress up for a festival but don’t want to be restricted by heavy garments. With the perfect sharara set, you’ll be festival ready in no time. You can also wear them for parties or family celebrations that call for a bit of bling.

Started planning your festival outfits already? Well, we’re right there with you! After all, what’s the point of festivities if you don’t get some fantastic pictures for the gram? So go on, grab your designer outfits and show off your fashionable taste.

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