What should you know about PCD dies?

The wire drawing dies are primarily used for reducing the cross-section or the diameter of the wire by the process of putting wire through a series of drawing dies.

These wire drawing tools provide a vital functionality and they are widely used by the cables and wires manufacturers. The wires have extensive applications in a wide range of industries and that is why the wire drawing dies are very commonly used in the manufacturing processes. 

Some of the common types of wire drawing dies that are manufactured by several companies include enamelling dies, diamond dies, cold welding dies, natural diamond dies, Nano dies, SCD dies, PCD dies, and shaped wire dies amongst others.

These products vary based on their specifications, features, and overall pricing amongst other factors. 

The S&Z Wire Co. Ltd is one of the best manufacturers of PCD dies

The https://www.szwiredie.com/ is a professional supplier of highly durable wire die polishing machine and wire drawing dies in the market. These equipments and tools are commonly used in the wires, tubes and cables industrial applications.

Some of the specific applications in which these wire drawing dies are used for includes medical wires, automotive wires, welding wires, and superconducting wires. 

One of the aims of the company is to become a leading global supplier of the wire drawing dies that includes diamond drawing dies, PCD dies, Enamelling dies, and Nano dies amongst others.

The company provides the premium quality wire drawing dies and related tools at shortest turnaround times for the consumers in the market. 

If you are thinking of buying wire drawing dies then you must first identify the type of dies that will provide maximum productivity to your operations.

As we have seen before there are numerous types of wire drawing dies that are available in the market and the choice of a specific type of die depends on your functional and manufacturing requirements.

You must do a case study of different types of dies and then based on that select the best suited wire drawing dies for your business operations. 

The PCD dies provide efficient solutions to the wire industry

The PCD wire drawing dies are used in different types of dry and wet wire drawing process. These dies are specially used in those situations where there is a larger size where the wear demand could be a problem but the surface finishing is not as critical.

The polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies, also known as the PCD dies, has a longer lifespan than the Tungsten carbide dies, single crystal diamond dies, and natural diamond dies. 

The PCD dies are commonly used in saw wire, welding wire, carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, tire cord drawing, and copper wire amongst others. These dies are suitable for different non-ferrous and black metal rods and the wire diameter. 

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