What Suppliers Should I Consider Investing in For My Wedding?

Nowadays, having a luxurious wedding is about a lot more than a great venue and dress. People tend to forget about the various services that you can opt-in for to make your big day all the more special. Wedding services tend to provide something extra to a wedding or wedding reception as they can act as a form of entertainment for your guests. Weddings that invest in services tend to be very impressive too as they are going the extra mile.

There are various businesses and wedding suppliers that offer these different services. How do you know which services to choose from? Ideally, before you make this decision, you’ll have a wedding theme in mind; this will affect the services and supplies you choose to have at your wedding. Let’s delve into this in more detail! Once we have discussed how to choose your theme, we will then list various services you should consider having at your wedding – keep reading to find out more.

Wedding theme

A wedding theme? You might be wondering why on earth people choose to have a themed wedding. Realistically, wedding themes don’t mean that your guests all stick to one dress code or all you relate your wedding to a movie. These usually relate to the bigger picture of themes in a lot more detail. Some great examples of themes you can choose for your wedding include country, garden, fairy tale, beach – it doesn’t stop here! You can pick whatever theme you like and resonate with, there are no limits.

We recommend that you choose your theme before you pick what wedding suppliers or services to have at your wedding. This is because the services will have to match (or at least relate to) your theme. To ensure you pick the theme that is right for you, you can carefully think about how you’ll want to remember your big day. There are various sites and blogs you can look at online that’ll give you some great theme inspiration. You should ensure the theme suits you and your partner and will help you create a day to remember for the rest of your life!


Our first wedding supplier you can invest in for your wedding is that of a florist. We can expect flowers to be in full swing at every wedding, but how many flowers there are will wholly depend on your theme and venue. For example, if you want a lot of flowers canopying over your guests’ tables or running up the walls of your venue, you’ll need to ensure your venue has the capacity to handle this. Flower arrangements are usually the main table feature at wedding receptions. More recently, bride and grooms-to-be have been choosing dried flowers rather than fresh flowers for their big day. Dried flowers can be just as vibrant and beautiful as fresh flowers and they last for years. This is a great way to preserve your wedding day for a bit longer and also serve as a lovely feature for your guests.

What is great about investing in a florist is that they work with you to create the design you want. This can include colour, type of flower, height and width. Flowers can add so much vibrancy to any venue, so they are definitely worth the investment! What do you think?


Believe it or not, but many people do not choose to have a cake at their wedding. Some supplement a cake with a variety of delicious treats for all the guests to enjoy. However, if you’re more traditional and love the sound of having a wonderful cake at your wedding, then you might want to think about investing in a high-quality cake designer. Cakes can often be the staple of a wedding reception; it stays out on the floor for everyone to look at and the picture of you and your partner cutting the cake will serve as a wonderful feature for your home.

A cake designer or decorator in other words serves as a fantastic option when looking for various wedding suppliers. Whether you like the sound of a three-tier cake or one that is designed to not even look like a cake at all, there is something out there for everyone! Alike your flowers, your cake should capture the spirit of the wedding and truly bring out the bride and groom’s personalities.


One feature you should definitely consider investing in a wedding supplier for is that of some décor – whether that be an interior designer or an events designer. This is one of the most important features that should stem from your theme as whatever you choose should wholly relate to the theme you choose. For example, if you have decided to go for a 1920s Gatsby-themed wedding, then you should opt-in for 1920s bespoke décor.

One of the best things about outsourcing your décor is that the business will be able to create a bespoke look for your wedding. They are able to capture the theme and concept that you’re going for and bring it to life! There are many businesses out there offering excellent decorating services, and you don’t have to stick to one. You can choose to invest in multiple businesses to provide different pieces for your venue. With that being said, you need to ensure that there is no overlap in design. Clearly communicating with the businesses you’ve hired will do the trick!

Final thoughts

When choosing the features you should have at your wedding, it is essential that you choose a theme to get you moving in the right direction. Realistically, you cannot choose flowers, a cake or décor if you do not have a running theme across all aspects of your wedding plan or vision. This is why we recommend starting with a theme and working from there! When choosing different suppliers to invest in, take a look at their current wedding portfolio and don’t be shy in asking what they can offer you.