What’s It Like Learning a New Language from a Tutor?

In the current world that we live in with COVID-19, people still want to learn new languages. And, there are a few ways to do it.

One way would be to use certain language applications, such as Babbel or Duolingo for example. The other way is to actually be taught a new language by a real-life person, which is what many people prefer if they are truly serious about learning a new tongue fluently.

Tutors these days are sometimes in-person instructors, but many are now online because of the pandemic. The experience of learning a language from someone who is a wonderful teacher is a great experience that will render awesome results. See more here to find the most suitable tutor for you.

Steps in the Learning Process with Tutors

When you have a tutor meet you in person, the process is quite simple. You essentially choose the person who you think is best, set up a time to meet (either in your home, the library, or some other public place), and proceed with your hourly sessions each week. When you choose an online tutor it’s also simple, but there are a few more details to pay attention to.

Firstly, when you go to an online language tutor website, you will sometimes see literally thousands of qualified teachers to choose from! Let’s take the website Preply for example, which at this time has English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, German, Russian, and Chinese Tutors.

Here are the simple steps in getting the best tutor for you.

  • Initially, you’ll choose a good tutor within the language that you are trying to learn. You’ll base this on their experience and star rating, but it’s also important to follow your gut instincts before booking a lesson with them.
  • If it’s your first time on the website, you’ll sign up (either manually or with your Google or Facebook account), then choose the best time and day for your lesson(s). At that point, you’ll make a payment that’s based on the tutors’ hourly rate.
  • You’ll then move on to pointing out what your learning goals are. You’ll be asked questions like why you want to learn the new language (for relocation, your career, etc.), what your current skill level is of the language you’re trying to learn, and if you speak more than one language.
  • After a few more basic questions, you’ll be sent to your dashboard where there will be a placement test. This is what helps tutors determine where to start with your new language lessons, because they will look at your test score and see where you need the most help.

Preply sets it up where you have direct access to the link to your placement test. This way you can also share it with any other tutors you may have in the future so that they understand your level of understanding of the language you’re trying to learn.

The Experience with Language Tutors is Great

After a while, you and your teacher chatonic will get to know each other better as you go back and forth with words and phrases, learn slang in the new language, and role play.

Before you know it, you’ll be proficient in a new tongue. Just remember that all good things take time and patience!