Who Will Treat Hair Problems? Which Doctor To Consult For Hair Fall?

Beautiful hair makes you look even more gorgeous. But sadly, many of us are suffering from minor to major hair problems. These problems eventually lead to hair loss, which causes baldness. So, before hair fall worsens, it is important to get it treated. But with whom should I consult? Which doctor will help me with hair problems?

These are the main questions that arise in our minds when we plan to get hair fall treated.

So, in today’s blog post, we will discuss different doctors related to hair problems and which doctor to consult for hair fall. You can even try this info to find hair specialist in Lahore, Pakistan.

Let’s start with:

Dermatologist: If you notice long-time hair fall, dandruff, or dry skin, your priority should be visiting a dermatologist. The doctor will identify the cause of hair loss or any other skin infection and recommend medicines that will help you improve. Moreover, a dermatologist will help youdecide whether you require a hair transplant or not and refer you to a transplant surgeon.

Nutritionist: Sometimes when people undergo a strict weight loss diet, they tend to lose weight. However, they deprive their bodies of important nutrients.Because the diet was unbalanced and was planned by themselves. This can also lead to hair fall and many other issues. A nutritionist will diagnose the right cause and prescribe you multivitamins that will help your hair grow significantly.

Trichologist: A Trichologist is someone who is wholly related to the scalp and hair. His area of expertise is scalp and hair issues. You can also visit a Trichologist to get your hair and scalp examined if you feel your hair is unhealthy.

You can visit a Trichologist if you have:

  • hair loss
  • hair breakage
  • oily scalp
  • alopecia

A Trichologist will examine the situation and suggest you another specialist advise you on contemporary lotions or creams, advice regarding improving nutrition or ask you to visit a psychiatrist if the hair issue is due to stress.

Hair Transplant Surgeon:A hair transplant surgeon is someone who restores hair by surgical methods. The most popular hair transplant techniques are FUE and FUT. A hair transplant surgeon is an expert who performs these surgical procedures. The procedures primarily include the removal of hair follicles from donor areas and implantation into the bald areas on the scalp.

You must visit a surgeon when you plan to fill in your bald patches permanently with a surgical procedure. The surgeon will closely examine your scalp, discuss your history, and then decide the right procedure for you. Moreover, you can also discuss the pros and cons and clear all your doubts before the procedure.

Psychiatrist: You might be wondering how a psychiatrist will help you with your hair loss. But the fact that many people lose hair due to stress and depression leads to a visit to a psychiatrist.

Similarly, anxiety can also result in hair loss. A condition as a result of anxiety is known as trichotillomania. It is a behavioral hair-pulling condition.  In this condition, the person unconsciously pulls their hair, which can cause severe hair loss.

The psychiatrist will help you manage this condition with therapyalong with stress-relieving medications.

These are a few doctors who will help you with your hair conditions. You should visit the doctor depending on your hair fall type. If you have no clue whom to visit, a dermatologist can also be consulted. On the other hand, a Trichologist will also refer you to the right physician after observing your condition. So, by now you have gained enough information.Therefore, if someone asks youwhich hair specialist doctor in Karachi to consult for hair fall, you must be able to guide them correctly so that they achieve the right and satisfactory solution to their hair condition.