Why is CVPS An Obvious Choice Among Computerized Valet Parking Software Providers

As a hotel owner, the comfort of your clients and guests is your responsibility and you cannot leave any stone unturned to ensure the same. When you have a parking facility in your commercial property, it often becomes crowded and chaotic in short. If you are incapable of maintaining the rush that is taking place in your parking facility then the chances of losing guests are high and a real threat. To avoid losing guests you need to give CVPS automatic valet parking software a thought and here are all the reasons why. In this blog, we will be talking about the reasons that make CVPS valet parking software an obvious choice among hotel owners across the world.

Automatic valet parking software over traditional valet parking

Before you head down to the features that this automatic valet parking software has to offer, here is why this type of valet parking software is trending and more preferred over the traditional valet parking system. While the old school valet parking system required valet boys and managers. There’s no such requirement of team members in computerized valet parking software. This allows hotel owners to save a significant amount of money by eliminating the room for any mistake, decreasing the chances of any crowd and confusion inside the parking facility or en route to the same.

Features in CVPS automatic valet parking software

It is automatic 

One of the more promising features of this valet parking software is that it is automatic. The software doesn’t require anyone to facilitate and run the system. All you have to do is get it installed on your parking facility and let the software do its thing. Hotel owners save a lot of time by installing this software since they no longer have to pay for the valet staff. Eliminating extra staff saves a lot of money which the hotel owners can invest in increasing the aesthetic or functionality of the commercial properties.

It is online

Not only is an online valet parking software an added charm to the hotel, but it makes the entire process for guests touchless. Guests can remain in their vehicles throughout the whole process. Once the guests park, their info will be sent to the front desk for further assistance during check-in.

Takes photos with date and time stamp

One of the main problems hotel owners face when it comes to running parking facilities is fake vehicular damage claims. Every hotel owner has experienced handfuls of guests who make false damage claims when their vehicle is being parked inside your parking facility. One of the biggest problems associated with false vehicle damage claims is that it can tarnish the image and reputation of the commercial property. The hotel and hospitality industry runs of reputation and image so if it is tarnished, it can have severe impacts on the hotel both financially and commercially. People will think twice before visiting your property if there are talks about your parking facility not able to keep vehicles safe.

Digital kiosks have been created for the clearance of payments.

Another facility that makes the valet parking software by CVPS unique is the parking payment kiosks. These kiosks have been designed to cater to a variety of payment methods. Guests can choose from different payment methods to clear the parking payments. This facility has again helped hotel owners to eliminate extra staff and exchange liquid cash which could contribute significantly to the spread of the virus.

Last but not least, the software is included with VAlexa which makes the entire vehicle retrieval process extremely convenient. Guests no longer have to run places and ask authorities to retrieve their vehicles. They can ask for retrieval by mentioning the time.

It’s time to rethink how we help guests while they stay at hotels. The hands-free experience strategy is one of the many strategies that have been adopted and implemented by hotel authorities. CVPS valet parking software only aids in the process. 

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