Why opt for QuickBooks Hosting with Dedicated Server?

Why opt for QuickBooks Hosting with Dedicated Server?

Many business owners have started working from home. A significant proportion of such people are expecting their employees to follow suit as well. In such a scenario, financial applications such as QuickBooks have to be accessed remotely. Consequently, there is a perceptible shift in preference for cloud-based applications, especially among small and medium businesses. This allows such enterprises to allow their employees to access their accounts remotely, manage business tasks from wherever they are, and stay productive from anywhere, at any time, using any internet-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, or even a mobile phone. All this has to be done in such a way the financial data is secure, preferrable using standards that match the ones implemented by banking institutions. This is where QuickBooks Server hosting comes in.

How Does Dedicated QuickBooks Server Hosting Help?

QuickBooks Server hosting is a deployment in which only one customer is using the resource allocated on the cloud. In other words, the hosted desktop for QuickBooks is not being shared with other customers. The infrastructure is optimized for the use of a single customer based on their unique requirements. This ensures that data is much safer, the probability of the services going down is minimized, and the organization has greater flexibility in terms of operations. These benefits together ensure that enterprises can handle the resource-intensive QuickBooks related tasks much more easily, and there is an overall improvement in performance.

What Are the Benefits of Dedicated Cloud Server for QuickBooks?

QuickBooks dedicated server ensures that users have exclusive access to the computing resource allotted to them. Here are the benefits of using dedicated servers.

Advanced Security and Privacy Features

Hosting QuickBooks on dedicated servers helps in adding an extra layer of protection. This ensures that other users do not have access when someone is using it. This reduces the chances of data compromise and improves application management significantly. By doing so, organizations can enhance protection against spams and malware. An authorized hosting provider such as Apps4Rent also adds additional security features such as end-to-end encryption, additional firewalls, and network monitoring.

Better Control and Reliability

Unlike a shared infrastructure, organizations have complete control over the server that hosts QuickBooks. This ensures that the organization has complete control over processing power, storage capacity, and memory management. In most cases, dedicated hosting also involves multi-network connection and high-performance computing capabilities.

Reduced Costs

Unlike self-hosting, the infrastructure belongs to the hosting service provider. This means, there is virtually no capital cost involved in procuring expensive equipment and machines that have to be maintained and monitored continuously.

Simplified Scaling

Dedicated servers hosting QuickBooks can be scaled much more easily than on-premises infrastructure. Organizations can simply request for more resources to get started and more people as they expand.

Easy to Customize

Most businesses need additional tools and add-ons for QuickBooks. Dedicated servers ensure that QuickBooks can support third-party integrations without overload.

Apps4Rent Can Host QuickBooks On Dedicated Server

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