Why White Flowers Are A Symbol of Peace and Used in Funeral

Time and again, flowers have been seen to make incredibly versatile gifts across various times. It still happens to be one of the oldest, classic ways of expressing love, affection, care and some of the other most beautiful, deep emotions of the loved. Every flower doesn’t just stand for its innate beauty or natural scent but is also known for its beautiful symbolism. It is said to be Almighty’s greatest craftsmanship, and truly it makes sense why. There are a hundred thousand different species of flowers and among which we only happen to know a few of them. Each of these flowers is absolutely one of its kind with its distinct appeal, fragrance and other such features. These flowers come in different mesmerising settings that are placed into floral boxes, baskets, paper bouquets, etc., to express the other person what he/she means to them. Red flowers, usually gifted to lovers or the ones with whom the sender shares an affectionate relationship, whereas yellow flowers are to salute the friendship shared by two people.

Among all the other colours of flowers, white flowers represent reverence and humility, purity and innocence or sympathy for a bereavement. White is also known to be the colour of peace or peace-making. For this very reason, white flowers hold a special place in one’s heart when gifted to the dear one of someone who has heavenly abode. But every different white flower emotes a different set of feelings so that you can pay your respect in the most heartwarming manner possible. E.g., white lilies stand for suggesting the deceased’s soul has reached a state of innocence, whereas white roses are said to make an ultimate symbol of spirituality, purity, and innocence. Not simply flowers, but even a peace lily plant with a white flower is thought to represent the deceased’s rebirth in a better place. Now you can also preserve funeral flowers in the form of a necklace, paperweight, photo frame and many more to showcase your heartfelt condolences to the deceased’s friends and family.

No doubt, there are other colours of flowers which come under the “funeral flowers” category like pink carnations which are often seen to be made into funeral wreaths to symbolise Virgin Mary’s tears. Christians hold up pink carnations, other than red and white carnations in high respect for this very reason. In many countries like China, Japan and Korea, just white flowers are known to be perfect for mourning over someone’s loss. If passed on any other happy occasions, people of these very countries are sure to take offence to hurt their feelings. White flowers are an epitome of peace, and history has been witness to many such instances. Other than funerals, as per Christianity a bride walks down the aisle holding a bouquet of white flowers on her wedding day too.

So, we hope the white colour continues to speak for new beginnings, purity, innocence and most importantly, peace-making even in the years to come!